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Hybrid Search Directory

Discussion in 'Directory Operation' started by toradrake, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    I was reading an article in Web Directory Digest on the difference between Search Engines and Web Directories and a funny thought came to mind. Are there any search engines that work like a directory? I mean the submission part. Are there search engines that only return the results from sites that have been submitted to them and do not send out bots? If you know of some can you list them for me to view them?

  2. Converse Active Member


    Any web directory that has a search field does that, actually. They search only the listings that are included in their directory. Most of the sites in a web directory were not submitted though, but added by editors.

    There are directories that do different sorts of things ISOOSI, for example, includes a meta search engine, as well as its own bot, which discovers many of the sites that later end up in its directory, along with submitted sites. There is at least one directory that will send a bot out, but only to search sites that are listed in its directory, thereby being able to return results pertaining to internal pages of listed sites, but I can't remember which one that is now. As I remember it, I thought that it was an interesting idea but that it didn't do it particularly well, so it wasn't memorable. If the name comes to me, I'll add it later.


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