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How to Get Directory Users?

Discussion in 'Directory Operation' started by MR. HTML, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. MR. HTML New Member

    MR. HTML

    I have been looking into making a directory, although I have run into a problem: how ..trick.. I mean "convince" ;) users to use my directory (starting out at PRO) instead of the big, high PR, directories?

    It will still be quality and dofollow (it won't be one of those spammy directories) but I still don't know how to get users to actually use my directory when it is new and small?

  2. Converse Active Member


    Is it a general directory or a niche directory? It is very difficult to break into the market with a general directory because there are directories that have been in operation since 1998, which means that if you are going to compete, you'll have to offer something different.

    A topical or geographical niche directory is far more doable but you'll have to take the same steps that have to be taken with every other website, such as offering unique content that can be indexed by the search engines, and keep them coming back for more, as well as taking the same SEO steps that are required for other sites. Back links are a little easier for web directories in that Google considers a link from a directory to a directory to be a natural link so your options are greater; even then, you will need some other types of links, for the sake of link diversity.

    Google isn't updating its PageRank anymore so you can expect the plugins for that to be discontinued at some point. Of course, people will be looking for another SEO metric, and I don't know what's on the horizon. Alexa Traffic Rank is easily manipulated. There are even sites set up for that purpose, and they do work. Quite a few people are turning to Moz PageRank, but overall there isn't much for anyone to point to. Work on getting your directory to show up in places where people look for directories, such as directory of directories sites, or other directories, as well as on search engine pages. There again, if you have a niche directory, it's a lot easier because there are so many would-be general directories around that it's harder to rank a general directory.

    In short, you need to offer something different, and that something should involve indexable textual content.

  3. CallieJo New Member


    Creating a brand awareness. Join legitimate websites (ex: forums, blogs, SN's, groups) that relate to the content in your directory. Build your brand awareness by spreading valuable information everywhere you go. Your user account can be tied to your directory url (profiles, signatures, etc). People will naturally seek your website out if you have built value and trust.

    But, the first step is building the directory. If you want your directory to be a quality directory you will have to start off by submitting good websites to it yourself to get it started. Make sure the descriptions are as accurate and unique as possible.

    For every website you add to your directory, contact the owner of that website with a compliment about their website and inform them of the free listing. You can also explain that if they would like to make any changes to the submission you'd appreciate it if they signed up and submitted those changes themselves at their convenience.

    Once you have a nice quality directory started, you can start inviting other websites to submit their listings. Just be sure to add valuable content that will help encourage people to come back. You don't want people to just submit listings never to return. Articles, tutorials, and other content is a good start. Then you can start creating that brand awareness as mentioned above.

    Make sure your directory clearly defines itself on what benefits there are to be listed in your particular directory. Don't copy other directories. Use what you think you would find beneficial yourself.

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  4. toradrake Member


    Yeah what they said. LOL

    Well I can tell you this, I am working on my own directory and the "choose a niche" advice is a good one. I am doing a general directory and it is much more complicated, time consuming, and a basic pain in the butt then if you were to concentrate on a single niche. I got the time and patience to do it and basically I'm bored so I am making mine general, but it is very sound advice to remain with a single niche then to go broad.

  5. Jason76 Member


    Google PR is irrelevant these days, in fact, Google has stopped updating PR. Instead, you want to look good on the Moz and Majestic tools. In that case, a good rank on those tools, among others, would look good to a possible submitter.


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