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How many sites have you ranked?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by logitech74, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. logitech74 New Member


    Hey guys. I'm new here, so hello! :D

    I wanted to know, how many sites so far have you ranked? I ranked over 20 sites in 2 years (all made profit) and wondering how many did you? Looking forward to hear some replies!

  2. Billy New Member


    By ranked, I'm assuming that you mean on the first page? I've ranked for tons of different keywords over the years. When you say that you've ranked 20 sites, do you mean that each site only has one keyword? Or do you mean that you've ranked 20 sites, each with multiple keywords?

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  3. particle1 New Member


    Yeah. I'm a bit confused by what the OP means. At first I though maybe he meant got a page to get some page rank... but you might be right Billy, he's probably talking about ranking first page in the SERPs.

  4. logitech74 New Member


    Yeah, sorry! I thought that you would know what I mean. I meant, how many sites have you ranked high in SERPS (top 10 will do).
    And I ranked about 20 sites. Some of them had one keyword only, those were medium to high competition and cost me a lot, but also brought in a lot of money. :) Others, were mostly one main keyword with few or more secondary keywords which were a lot easier to rank.

  5. Converse Active Member


    If I were to create a site about blue-green virtual fuzzy monkeys, I would rank very well on searches for "blue-green virtual fuzzy monkeys" the moment that the searches indexed the site, but that wouldn't earn me a lot of money.

    One thing that I do however, is create sites for obscure little towns. Every general web directory in the world is looking for sites for these towns, mostly which don't even have official municipal sites, so I get free directory links, and I place really well.

    Unlike blue-green virtual fuzzy monkeys, people do live in these small towns. Many more people have their roots there, or relatives there, so people so search on towns such as "Granville, North Dakota" and when they do, there I am, right below the Wikipedia site and, in this case, above the official town site. Plus, people from Granville (a town that I have never visited, by the way) send me photos and historical/biographical pieces to add to the site.

    My point is that being able to rank for something doesn't mean a lot. It is a whole lot easier for me to rank on "Granville, North Dakota" than it would be for me to rank on "search engines," if I were to build a site about search engines. For that matter, I barely even have any content on my Gackle, North Dakota site yet, when you search on "Gackle, North Dakota," there I am, right beneath the Wikipedia page. I've never been to Gackle either. The contemporary photos came from Google Earth, which you can use as long as you don't obscure their watermark, and the historical photos came from photos and postcards that I picked up on Ebay. Due to this post, this forum thread will probably end up ranking on searches for Gackle and Granville.

    If you want to play your hand at building websites and ranking on them, choose a niche topic that doesn't have a lot of competition.

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  6. Converse Active Member


    Okay, let's see how long it takes me to rank for "blue-green virtual fuzzy monkey" seeing as I haven't spent a penny on SEO and this is the only place I'm going to link it from. I have a feeling that I am going to own the blue-green virtual fuzzy monkey market! I can taste success!

  7. Converse Active Member


    From the time that I uploaded the site, it took one hour and forty minutes to rise to the top of the Google SERPs. Not only is it number one on a search of "blue-green virtual fuzzy monkey" but it's the only result! It may have even been quicker than that but I didn't look earlier. Damn, I'm good!


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  8. Converse Active Member


    If I should come across another blue-green virtual fuzzy monkey site, I might have to create a niche directory for them.

  9. Billy New Member


    I bet you I can rank for "jjjjjdddd" a lot faster than that.

  10. Converse Active Member


    Perhaps, but there's no such thing as a jjjjjdddd, and I have a picture of a blue-green virtual fuzzy monkey.

  11. Survivor29 New Member


    I've ranked over one hundred and fifty websites in more than five years of working in this field. Most of them have made it to the top of the rankings, but recently I've had to modify my techniques because Google keeps updating their algorithms much more frequently nowadays. :)

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  12. Billy New Member


    I know, right? I often kick myself for not acting on things sooner, like the days when you could rank a site by only using SENuke or Scrapebox, or even Article Marketing Robot. I remember being on a forum and hearing about a lot of guys ranking sites within a few days by using AMR, and I wish that I had the money at the time to invest. I was also worried about a penalty, though.

  13. Arianna New Member


    Thanks for posting about this. I really appreciate it Its very interesting and you put it in a very simple way to understand. I will have to play around with this to see how to utilize this.

  14. toradrake Member


    Well seeing as how I haven't worked on a website until now and I am still not really marketing it... I haven't ranked any in the past five years. I am not sure how many 15 years ago (I think it has been that long) as I worked for a company and really did not keep track. I had quite a few I know that.

  15. Jason76 Member


    I ranked a couple of websites on Google back when their standards were lower. Also, I ranked a lot of websites on Bing and Yahoo until I ran out of business money. Possibly with a big budget I could return to Google, and a smaller budget would allow me to get my Bing and Yahoo rankings back.

  16. 111kg New Member


    I used to work with exact match domains, therefore I hat to do SEO for countless sites. Some of them would rank, some of them would't, I don't know why.

    However, nowadays it's pointless to use the same old SEO techniques because they don't bring anymore any positive effects, but rather only penalties.

  17. proxy New Member


    For the past i ranked as a moderator of a website.Then for now or present my rank or position is Customer Sales Representative

  18. ryandennis143 New Member


    I did rank a couple of websites on Google but things have changed a lot now. Using old techniques would only bring penalties

  19. thzfsdhdty Active Member


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