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How many sites does a directory need before it becomes useful?

Discussion in 'Directory Operation' started by KenBrace, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. KenBrace New Member


    How many site listings does a directory need before it starts becoming a helpful tool for people?

    If you enter a directory and only find 2 or 3 sites in each category does it turn you away?

    How many sites per category do you like to see in a directory?

  2. Converse Active Member


    That would depend on both the category and the site, as well as how deeply I was intending to research a subject. When I am reviewing a directory, I consider it to be useful if there are two or three good sites in each category. On the other hand, I expect niche directories to be more indepth than general directories since they have chosen to focus on one particular topic.

    If the category is a regional category for a particular town, and all they have are links to the Wikipedia page, the official town site, and the Chamber of Commerce site, I would be disappointed, since these would all show up on page one of Google anyhow.

    Most directories will specify a minimum number of sites in order to create a category. When given a vote, I vote for one as the minimum number, because there are some topics that have only one useful website, and I don't see any reason not to list it and categorize it. But that doesn't mean that one site is sufficient for categories that have many more available. If I were to come across a category for "Science," I would certainly expect to find more than one site.

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  3. toradrake Member


    Wouldn't it also depend on the age of the site? Like if the site were open for years and it had only a few sites then I would run, but if it was new like only a month or so would it be prudent to wait before submitting to see what happens or is it safe to try?

  4. KenBrace New Member


    Yeah I guess you have a point there. It's good to see that a site is active. If there are new sites being submitted every day then it looks active and appealing. There's nothing more unattractive than an inactive, dead website.

    I guess I was talking more about usefulness though. If a directory hardly has any sites listed then it won't be of much use. If there are tons of sites then you have a large selection to choose from.

    My question was at which point does a directory have enough submissions to become useful?

  5. athena02 New Member


    2 to 3 sites would turn me away most of the time. In fact, it would depend mostly on what I am looking for, and how badly I need it. If its something I couldn't find anywhere else, then I would probably take the time to check these 2 to 3 sites. If its something easy to find, then I would rather find a larger directory with a lot of options.

    In terms of numbers, it would need at least 15-20 entries to interest me.

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  6. Jason76 Member


    The size of the directory might not be the turn-off. The turn-off might be the quality of the websites. For instance, a small directory with incredibly useful websites might heavily outweigh a larger one with poor websites. However, a very large directory with a lot of useful websites would outweigh nearly any type of small directory.

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  7. Converse Active Member


    If I were to create a directory today, I would try to organize it so that each page would have content even if there were no links. In that way a category would not be empty even if there were no listed sites. The search engines would index it for its content and, in the end, I believe a link would be more valuable.

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  8. OhioTom76 New Member


    You should read about how Yelp started out many years ago, it is a rather interesting story. Basically it was a mailing list among family members with each of them sharing reviews and links among each other for personal use. Then they later had the idea of going local with it, with others in their nearby community and it again became popular and began to continue to branch out further and further until it became a national phenomenon.

    Perhaps one way of preventing your site from looking too thin, is to start with a smaller more focused audience instead of trying to cover the whole country or be global, if that's what you're currently doing?

    Another option might be to roll up your sleeves and just hand curate a selection of links for each section of your directory that you feel are high quality, and hope that other site owners may take notice of your site and opt to be listed there as well.

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  9. chinomoreno New Member


    IMO, and no offense but directories aren't appealing to me anymore.
    Unless if it is google local listing, yelp, foursquare, tripadvisor or in other words something that are already established.
    On the other hand, if you will manually get quality sites listed on your directory then you are most likely to build a quality directory too.
    Anyway, sorry to be a bit confusing, I just find it complicated. Due also to the fact that people or businesses only submit to directories in order to get a backlink.

  10. Converse Active Member


    May I ask why you are here, then? This is a web directory forum. If web directories are not appealing to you, I am having trouble figuring why you are posting on a web directory forum.

    You post as if you want us to believe that you know what you are talking about so, obviously, you are not here for information or honest discussion on the subject. That leaves me wondering.

    For example, I am not in the least bit interested in football, and I know practically nothing about it, so I wouldn't join a football forum and post about how I find the game to be boring and unnecessarily long.

    Are you, just possibly, more interested in the signature link?


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