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How Forum Discussions Deteriorate

Discussion in 'Suggestions/Complaints' started by Ray, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Ray Active Member


    I want to clarify that, this is not a Suggestion nor a Complaint, its simply an observation on my part.

    As forum scripts improve, along with the Forum websites that use them, the way forum discussions are conducted in them is deteriorating.

    I'm not referring to the topics of discussion, my issue is with the way discussion threads seem to deteriorated and get totally off-topic in the course of only a few reply posts.

    I blame it on the ease in wish you can just quote something you want to address, and post a reply about it. Or, maybe we just don't want to be bothered with reading the previous posts to find-out what the conversation is really about, we're just too busy trying to get our 2-cents in.

    Keep an eye out for it, it would provably happen on this tread as well.

    Any how, here's an exaggerated example of how a discussion thread typically deteriorates :

    Tread Title: How to find an apartment in New York

    Starting Post: If you need a place to live in NY, there's not a lot of great apartments for rent but, if you're lucky enough to find one available, stay in it till the cows come home.

    Now, there should not be any questions as to what the topic is about, renting an apartment in NY, right?

    Here is the kind of deterioration I'm referring to:

    Next Post (Reply #1): Yeah, I used to have a cow once but, she died when a train ran her over one day........

    Next Post (Reply #2): I'm trying to convince my friend to go with me on a train trip to Vegas.........

    Now, you see, by the 3rd post, the conversation has totally deteriorated into just a rambling of unrelated ???? Obviously, this is an exaggerated example but its not far from reality.

    It is unfortunate since there's so much to talk about and learn in these forums. All you need to do is READ BEFORE YOU POST, and STAY ON TOPIC.

    If you're interested in seeing more examples of this stuff, look around in any forum you're a member of, starting with this one.

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