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How Do You Choose The "Best" Directory To Submit Your Site To?

Discussion in 'Directory Submissions' started by Rainman, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Rainman New Member


    There are probably thousands of web directories on the net. Some are free. Others charge a submission fee. Even with someone with the money it wouldn't be wise to submit your site to as many directories if such an option exists. Supposing you must choose only a few directories to submit your site to, how would you choose the best from so many good ones?

    Or to distill this even further, is there such a thing as "best" web directory/web directories which one should submit their sites to first?

  2. CallieJo New Member


    I think the first thing one should consider is whether or not their own website would be a good fit for that directory.

    I strongly believe that niche directories can offer a bigger return than a general directory could. The visitors you receive from niche directories are generally going to be visitors who are actually seeking out your niche. If you were a web developer selling website scripts, you'd surely want to get listed in directories such as Hotscripts.com or Scripts.com. These directories offer good exposure to the people looking for your products.

    Exposure is the key. What directory will give you more exposure to those who are seeking out your niche?

    With that said, it doesn't hurt to submit to general directories either. Back when the categories for these directories showed up in the serps often, it helped a lot more to be listed in them. On the other hand, some people would argue that the backlinks alone from these directories will help your serp rankings.

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  3. Converse Active Member


    The ones that I listed on WDR Directory of Directories are ones that I consider to be safe, in that, while some of them are certainly not going to win any awards, they are unlikely to get your site penalized by Google, and are likely to assist your marketing efforts. My Web Directory Reviews Org site goes far more into detail about most of the larger general directories, including a quarterly top ten. And, of course, Web Directory Digest discusses a number of things that are important to know about web directories.

    Directories or directory pages that are the most relevant to the topic of your site are the best. If you can find a niche directory for your industry, that's your best choice. Of course, you're unlikely to find a bunch of niche directories for your topic, so you would next look in general directories for categories that fit your niche. Don't submit to junk directories.

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  4. toradrake Member


    This may not be the most sound advice, but it seems to work for me for some odd reason. I go online and I look at multiple review sites that contain a top 10 list and the ones that correlate, I submit to.

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  5. blur92 New Member


    I think this is fairly sound advice. Those lists consist of directories that are tried and reviewed by people who are experienced in the matter. There is no reason why they would put out anything false pertaining to it. Depending on the sites you go to find these lists you are probably coming across generally accurate information. True, the lists are partly based on opinions, but you said you use multiple sites for reference.

  6. Converse Active Member


    Often, those lists are put out by people who want to make sure that the directories in their network are on a list.

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  7. toradrake Member


    So how can you tell which ones are the good ones and which ones are the false ones to follow? Is there identifiers to look for? Better yet, do you have a list of actual places to go that you know for a fact are giving out real information and not just for their own purposes?

  8. Converse Active Member


    Well, there are a few sites that I am partial to. There are articles on Web Directory Digest that will answer most questions about web directories in general, particularly about determining the differences between the good ones and the bad ones. Web Directory Review Org includes extensive reviews on some of the larger (and some not so large) directories, and the WDR Directory of Directories lists web directories that I consider to be safe, although it includes some that are not necessarily good.

  9. xTinx New Member


    I found this article from MOZ: http://moz.com/blog/web-directory-submission-danger. It analyzes 2,678 directories and identifies the ones you shouldn't even consider because Google sanctioned them. 20% of those directories didn't make the cut so you might want to be very careful about your choices.

  10. Converse Active Member


    Given that as many as 80% of the "web directories" on the Internet are crap, that means that only a small percentage of them were penalized. Many of the worst directories still enjoy good positioning in Google's SERPs. Google is important only because we all receive a lot of traffic from it, but Google is not very good at what it does.

    The problem with referencing an SEO article from 2012 is that things change. I have had perfectly good sites disappear entirely from Google's SERPs, only to reappear in a good position a day or two later.

    Of the directories mentioned in that article, only one is a real directory, and even that was certainly not one of the best. All of the others were scams and crap sites with directory scripts installed. There are plenty of blogs on the Internet that contain nothing worthwhile whatsoever, many more that have not seen a new entry in the past decade, and quite a few that are little more than SEO scams, yet very few people point them out as a means of suggesting that blogs are worthless or dangerous.

    The only directory that I see in that article that I would consider to be a real directory is one that the author chose to make a specific example of -- the Pegasus Directory. Yet, when you do that same search today, you find that the first four results are to the directory. Quite likely, when the author wrote his hit piece, the Pegasus Directory was not penalized at all, but was simply suffering from a glitch in Google's own algorithm.

    Again, I don't hold the Pegasus Directory up as being an example of a great web directory but it's been around a while, and it's not terrible. Very likely, given the credence that many people give to Moz.com, its business was greatly harmed by that article. If, in fact, it had not truly been penalized, that was a great disservice. Of course, it is also possible that it had been penalized, but has recovered. I don't know, but I have never seen a a reason why Google would penalize Pegasus, given that there are tens of thousands of far worse directories out there that are still doing fine. There are a lot of directories better than Pegasus, but I wouldn't hesitate to submit my site to it.

    Given that, by their very nature, automated processes are not very good at judging quality, why not determine that for yourself? If a site is a good site, but it's not in Google yet, or Moz hasn't given it a high Domain Authority, they will soon or the fault lies with Google or Moz.

  11. xTinx New Member


    Well SEO would have been easier to understand had Google kept its changes to a minimum. As it is, we can only go where Google goes and try to figure out other things along the way. It's like we have to go through this selection process subjectively rather than objectively.

  12. peopletrendin New Member


    You can evaluate the best directory by checking the websites page rank and alexa rank.

  13. Ray Active Member


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  14. orocot New Member


    So guys, when thinking of submitting to a directory should you always check the page rank of the said directory website? The higher the better right? I have been out of the directory scene for some years so not sure on the impact on using directory's in terms of search engines.


  15. Converse Active Member


    Google hasn't done an update of its public PageRank in a long while, and has stated that there would be no more updates.

    * Chasing Another Metric
    * High PR
    * Abandoning PageRank

  16. Ray Active Member


    And, this has been mentioned in this forum, how many times now? :rolleyes:

  17. Jason76 Member


    I would focus on getting links from a diverse selection of directories. If I could afford the price, then I'd also pay for a few of them. You don't have to focus niche directories, but you should always make sure your submitting to high quality directories. In other words, the listings are human edited and low quality websites are not accepted.


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