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How do you check the speed of your WebHost?

Discussion in 'Domains' started by SimplySidy, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. SimplySidy Member


    Okay, this might not be the right category to post about Web Hosting, but then, I did not find any place more suitable on this forum.

    A brief background:
    My website is built on Bootstrap and is is more of a static site. But I am on the verge where I have to migrate to WordPress as I do need blog and other features of WordPress. My hosting doesnt charge me a dime because I have been associated with some of their clients' websites (development) and it is a mutual thing - we dont talk about money - I do their tasks (around 4-5 a year) for free and in return they allow me free hosting.

    Now, the problem:
    The issue I have been facing at the moment is that I feel their server is slower and if I migrate to WordPress, it will make things more slow at least for my website. I do understand that if this happens, Google is going to give me negative marks as one of their important factors is "Website/Page Load Speed".

    Looking in at the control panel (I have cPanel access) I dont find any tool to give me an idea on what the Speed is and also what is the Hardware on their servers.

    So my question is - Is there any tool or way using which I can find out what the speed actually is and if so, can there be a way out to find out what impact this migration to WordPress will have (again in terms of speed).

    If there are no alternates, the best way as far as I guess, would be to install WordPress, and test the speed using Google (or others) and if it fails the test, either I revert back to the Static Site or find another Server. Finding another Server would be a burden as of now and more so when you are tuned to getting things for Free;)

  2. toradrake Member


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  3. PandaDZN New Member


    I'm not sure if there are actually any ways possible, but you should always try and contact your webhosting company? Send them an email or ticket saying that you want to get a speed check on their servers because at times you seem to have heavy load on the server. I'm sure that they have a dedicated server where they host tons of websites making it slow. If it persists, you should probably switch to a new hosting company. What company is this, if you don't mind me asking

  4. rabst New Member


    One of TopDrake's links (webhostingtestspeed) led to /test-your-web-hosting.php but it would be good to read /how-we-test.php too, just to get an idea of 'what net-speed really is' (i.e. that it's NOT just the 'main server's processor,' but also your ISP's processor, viewer's ISP's and their own servers' (I almost spelled it 'swerver,' and was tempted to leave it that way).

    And (I'm sure you know this but I say it just to say that it's been said ... ;) 'absolutely not' for "filler" ;)) you are aware that "more information takes more processing-time"---the reason why (at least 'in the olden days' of the early 00's) they compared information online to 'water in the pipes.' The main difference is that--rather than having to wait for gravity to do it's work for you to get your special formula to the world's water-supply--people actually go searching for it!

  5. Clarke Member


    You can use online tools to check website speed. You can try to PING the domain you host there and see how fast the time of the PING reply. You can try another web hosting service providers for better speed and result.

  6. anshikabhardwaj New Member


    You can use the tool to check the speed of the web hosting provider. According to me, CloudOYE is the best web hosting provider which offfers fast, secure and reliable cloud hosting services.

  7. vtech New Member


    there is a difference between checking speed of web host and of website. To check speed of web host simply open CMD and type PING IP of your host and see the response. for website speed i would prefer gtmetrix and google page speed insights.

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