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Discussion in 'Directory Reviews' started by toradrake, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    Anyone familiar with this directory?

  2. toradrake Member


    Oppsss..... didn't realize it was reviewed in Web Directory Reviews Org already :p. Just finished reading the review. I thought aesthetically it looked clean. There was not a lot to distract (like auto video and sound) and it was laid out very nicely. However, you are right about the titles and such. It looks as if they put them up without even viewing them. There were defiantly a lot of mistakes.

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  3. Converse Active Member


    For some reason, a lot of people point to HotvsNot as being one of the top directories. In that is has been around for quite a while, and I've seen nothing to suggest that a listing in HotvsNot would do you any harm, and it might even help, I wouldn't say that it's a scam. If their prices were more reasonable for what they had to offer, I would have submitted some of my sites there but, otherwise, I wasn't impressed. My criteria has changed considerably since my first quarter of reviews so I might take another look at it one day.

    My impression is that it's not a scam, but that no one is investing much in the way of oversight. Maybe it's not exactly on auto-pilot, but neither is anyone going out of their way to deliver quality.


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