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Hello Everyone.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by bonzer, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. bonzer New Member


    Hi, all! I've a blog myself and I'd like to discuss with you all about a few blog promotion strategies and SEO. See you inside the forum.

  2. rabst New Member


    Good to meet you, bonzer. I guess I should start by 'disillusioning you' (maybe adding to the disillusionment you already have, I don't know ... that's why I wish you had been a little-more descriptive of yourself---which is a good habit to get into, because people (including yourself) think you've got more to say if you spend more time saying stuff :D).

    First, about 'blogging for money': unless you have a different kind of contract than the 'usual' (for me, anyway) pay-per-display-of-an-ad-network's-widget, you're not going to make a fortune off of it! I know that's kind of a 'cliche' (I might as well follow it with "if you want money, get a job!" :p), but we all sometimes have to be reminded (although the meaning of the word "fortune" ought to cover it) that the wealth comes when it is given by many people or -by a few highly-powerful people.

    I think--to keep your mind clear (in order to discern the truth from the fantasies people claim they can help you reach)--it helps to see 'causes' and origins (which is why most of my blogs deal with 'etymologies' (historical-roots of words)). Blogs were originally just 'links to other sites, maybe with some comments on the links to describe why the site was cool' (making 'making your site worth being linked-to by blogs' a basic SEO-strategy for sites).

    Search-engines seek to help people online find 'the best-matches to what they're looking-for.' That should tell you that--whatever you blog about--you aim to be 'the best source for that genre of information' (i.e. if you're a celebrity, you are 'the best source for what You think about ... whatever your blog's about'; if you're more-likely in a non-celebrity status, then you need to work a little harder to make sure your comments are true.)

  3. Garima Bansal New Member

    Garima Bansal

    hello everyone


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