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GREAT NEWS!! Microsoft is Scrapping IE!!

Discussion in 'Web Browsers' started by Alunny, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Alunny Member


    For all of us who have spent nights with chunks of hair around us, tears streaming down our faces, screaming obscenities, our fingers meer nubs of blood because of IE...I have the best news EVER!! Microsoft is scrapping it!! :D:D:D

    Now the bad news. It's still going to be on Windows 10 for compatibility reasons....and Microsoft is creating a new browser instead to replace it (which they say will not be associated with the IE brand so let's pray they don't screw it up as bad!).

    Here's a source, and more sauce mmm. Read them ha ha.

    What features do you hope to see in the new browser?

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  2. xTinx New Member


    Well IE was okay until the other browsers - Chrome, Mozilla and Opera - entered the picture. I use all three, by the way. In an attempt to remain relevant, the developers behind Netscape's successor ended up botching the browser's interface to the detriment of their last remaining users. Anyway, the more options, the better. I like trying out new browsers so I'm looking forward to IE's replacement.

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  3. KenBrace New Member


    I don't really see this as unusually good or bad news. The older versions of IE suck but not for their time. The latest version of IE isn't so bad. I dislike it's lack of certain features and it is slightly slower. I don't really understand all the drama around it to be honest. I prefer Chrome as my primary browser but I still use IE every once and a while. I'm interested to see how this new browser compares.

  4. Alunny Member


    They definitely did suck, even for their time. For example, IE7 had a worse ACID score than IE6, and it was supposed to fix everything in IE6!! IE8 went downhill too, even though it was a little progress. I guess in the end it was too broken to fix. That said I LOVED IE6. I also loved Netscape.

    The drama is because when you build a website it should look the same in all browsers....to make it the same in IE, however, you have to add a TONNE of extra coding and nonsense just to make it functional, nevermind looking the same. It's a HUGE hassle for website designers and developers alike.

    Nevermind the fact that the Australian Government even banned the browser from being used in their offices and sent a public announcement out warning us away from it because of its numerous security flaws. It's also slower than Chrome and many other browsers.

  5. athena02 New Member


    They should just give up already, and have Google Chrome installed on all their operating systems. The first thing I do when I get a new PC is download Chrome or Firefox, and set them as my default URL opener. And I'm pretty sure that's what most people do (assuming that they had some experience with IE before and know how bad it is).

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  6. Converse Active Member


    Judging from the fact that nearly 70% of the people who connect to my sites are connecting via MIE, I don't think they do, and that doesn't even count my own connections because I use a Mac, and don't use MIE at all.

  7. Alunny Member


    People connect via Microsoft Explorer because that's what's already installed. Many people don't know about other browsers or are too afraid to try them. That's why they were taken to court, for monopolising the browser markets.

  8. Converse Active Member


    When I used a PC, I didn't hate Microsoft Internet Explorer. I didn't start hating it until I started building websites. The average Internet user, who doesn't build his own website, is going to blame the person who designed the website, not the browser.

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  9. rabst New Member


    The main difference (to me) was the tabbed-browsing. But when IE picked that back up, I 'went back to them' (actually; it was already-loaded when I got this machine from my grandmother who was moving & -who didn't need it & my old one was getting too slow, and I've been too lazy to load-&-install a different browser).

    I imagine I'll download-&-install Chrome when I finally HAVE TO use a program that won't run on this version of IE (9). But I do wanna keep in mind 'what a browser actually is'---I only took the intro-courses in computer-programming in college, so I'm not claiming to be 'an expert' here; but isn't a browser just a program that translates 'files in your database' into 'signals to your ISP's machine?'

  10. PandaDZN New Member


    All I expect to see is something similar to Google Chrome and a Cortana which is like Siri but Microsoft's version. I'm not sure how a multi-billionaire can make such a horrible web browser.

  11. SYCB New Member


    I think this is great news! I dislike IE mostly because of the interface and it's speed. I guess it wouldn't be too bad if it were the only option, but compared to other browsers it is pretty bad. I hope they make a better interface/design with more options in the new browser. If they do all of these and it is fast compared to other browsers like Chrome/Firefox, I will probably use it.

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  12. tasha New Member


    I love internet explorer and this is what I have used for years, yes the speed is extremely slow but it is organised and I have tried the others and have not been impressed with them but sadly most of the sites use the others and I have to adapt or I cant use the sites which pay me. I love explorer and wish that they had been able to keep up with the times.

  13. tasha New Member


    I still use IE and I know that I need to be changing in order for my work to become a little more efficient but I stumbled across IE upgrade, does this mean that they are still going to be around for a while or is a change imenent?

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