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Getting Work When Your Invisible- Marketing Dilemma or Not?

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by Mockingbird, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Mockingbird New Member


    Today I came upon a statement that really hit home.
    Here is a person who gets how to make things work as far as finding internet opportunities. It is far from easy when you are a freelancer to find good opportunity if you are for want of a better term, invisible. But is that a bad thing? I don't don't think so and never have. So how does one find the invisible man, or do you have to find the opportunities? Why be invisible in the first place?

    Word of mouth is great but it isn't the only way to get a nice project. Sure there are sites that match people to projects. I am sure Sidy is not the only invisible guy on the net anyone else have some great experiences they want to share that worked better then just answering ads for work?

  2. SimplySidy Member


    Honestly, I had a few blogs, a forum and was a writer on a few sites that paid. When it all started, I was a learner with excitement and lots of hopes to make it successful. I fell ill in 2008 for 8 months I could do nothing as I was on bed. And during this absence, almost everything was gone - my forum - I was passionate about it. Google killed two of my blogs with reasons best known to them and wordpress cleaned up my one blog. When I restarted work, the passion was gone, I have a monthly medical bill to pay each month. I retried but I felt that I got almost nothing in return asto what I was getting earlier. It became disproportionate - Time invested and money earned. So I went offline, upgraded my skill sets and jumped into Website development, consulting and the services I am into - they helped me better and as such, I did not revert back to writing or doing other things.

    Today, competition has increased and finding clients does become difficult with every day, no doubt about that. It et all I was healthy... never mind.


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