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Freedom Without Walls

Discussion in 'Directory Submissions' started by toradrake, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    This is a directory submission service company. Anyone ever heard of these guys or used their services before?

  2. Converse Active Member


    I wouldn't use any directory submission service. For one thing, you don't want to have a lot of directory links show up in your link profile all at once; rather, you would want to space your submissions out over a long period of time. There aren't so many directories worth submitting your link to that you can't do your submissions personally, particularly given that you will be spacing them out. Doing the submissions yourself, you can check each directory out first, to make sure that it is at least reasonably well organized, to make sure that you are submitting it to an appropriate category, one that is relevant to the topic of your site, and that other sites listed in that category would constitute a good, rather than a bad neighborhood.

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  3. KenBrace New Member


    @Converse This sort of reminds me of paid posting on a forum. Sometimes it's good to buy a posting package from someone to boost your site during slow times but I always make sure and ask them to space it out over at week or so (depending on how many posts they planned to do). If you order a 30 post package and they complete it in a few hours it almost feels like spam. I don't want a slow forum, then BAM, then slow again. I want a slow and steady stream of activity. I can imagine that the same goes with directories.

  4. Converse Active Member


    The thing is that Google is looking for natural linking. True natural linking, of course, consists of building a site and then sitting around waiting for someone to find it. Or, what Google surely wants you to do, paying Google for clicks via AdSense. "Build it and they will come" was a good line in a movie but most of us don't want to wait around for someone to notice our site. That's where directories can come in handy, as long as the new links don't all come in at once, the danger being that it might put up a red flag with Google.

  5. KenBrace New Member


    I never really thought about it that way. You're right though. I'm sure that would definitely throw up a spam alert to google.

    Besides that it also just plain looks and feels unnatural.

    I like natural growth and a steady flow of activity. Having the site dead, BOOM, then go dead isn't desirable.


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