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Free Web Directories

Discussion in 'Directory Announcements' started by Asjid Bukhari, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Asjid Bukhari Member

    Asjid Bukhari

    Hello SEO Engineers;

    Please add your links in my web directories and reply me i will approve your links instantly.


    Waiting your replies.

    Thanks and Enjoy :)

  2. fastreplies Original Member



    Are you kidding me?

    Enjoy what... dead on arrival so called "Directories"
    where links are going to be added no questions asked?

    Sorry man, but I don't have garbage to dump at this time.



  3. Converse Active Member


    Oh come now, any one of these directories could become the next AMRAY. ;)

  4. fastreplies Original Member



    Yeah right... specially the third one from the bottom



    Last edited: Oct 31, 2014
  5. toradrake Member


    Well according to the sites, before the submitted site is added they are reviewed and placed in the correct categories by their reviewers. I don't know much about these directories listed, but it looks like it is one directory with several names. Now THAT bothers me for some reason.

  6. Converse Active Member


    It's hard enough for someone to maintain one directory, so directory networks are often a problem. Some good directories have other directories as a part of their network, but they tend to concentrate on one flagship product.

  7. xTinx New Member


    I wonder whether taking advantage of free directories is healthy for SEO in the post-Penguin and post-Panda age. Directories that don't impose strict screening methods tend to be spammy. At best, the site I submit will only receive traffic from bots rather than actual people.

  8. Converse Active Member


    Don't equate free directories with spam. Whether a directory is good or bad has nothing to do with whether or not they charge for submissions.

  9. fastreplies Original Member



    You're missing the point.
    It says: taking advantage of free directories is healthy for SEO
    a) as if 'free' or 'paid' make any difference
    b) another example of how little people know about SEO
    Yes, about SEO!

    These days everything equated with SEO.
    • Peanut butter SEO sandwich
    • SEO haircut
    • Driving SEO Ferrari
    • and of course SEO directories
    but it seems to me nobody fully understand that SEO is applicable to your own site and
    nothing else, not to Directories, Blogs, Forums, Social Media etc.

    LOL, Google have created monster and now it fights loosing battle hoping it will succeed
    in restoring sanity.



  10. malcomms New Member


    Free directories are a way to get noticed, for sure. How well they work depends on their popularity and the quality of their links. I think that many poor quality directories rely on the first one or two visits from a large number of people. They don't wait for or expect return customers.

    As for their effect on SEO, its been well publicised that 'lotsa links don't mean lotsa juice' and in some publications, I've seen it clearly stated that web directories are not well looked upon by Google as a good source of SEO juice. So I think they're on the descendant as a way to be recognised for quality traffic to your site.

  11. Converse Active Member


    @fastreplies is right when he points out that search engine optimization is about what you do on the site that's being optimized. Search engine optimization involves preparing your site to be adequately indexed by the search engines.

    The rest of what many people think of as search engine optimization is actually marketing, which are actions you can take to bring people to your site. This can involve anything from dutifully submitting sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools, building links from related pages on sites that don't suck too badly, which can include web directories or other sites with pages that complement the topic of your site. It can involve posting in forums and blogs, or putting your URL on a billboard, for that matter.

    Yeah, I know; it's a matter of semantics. Some people have taken to referring to marketing as off-site SEO but if you think of it, isn't it really marketing and promotion?

    I have seen it clearly stated in thousands of Twitter tweets and forum threads, but it's still nonsense, made even more nonsensical by the fact that Google isn't even updating its PageRank anymore. Web directories are websites. Just as most of the websites on the Internet are crap, so are most of the web directories on the Internet. But if you think that the fact that there is a lot of crap on the Internet means that we shouldn't consider any of them, then there's little point in paying your ISP connection fee.

    There are good websites and there are bad ones. There are good directories and there are bad ones. If you wouldn't try to talk someone into putting a link to your site on their crappy website, then don't submit your site to a crappy directory. It's not that hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones, especially if you remove any considerations of PageRank from your brain.

  12. fastreplies Original Member



    Maybe because backlinks were never meant to have any effect on SEO except of course
    in minds of "SEO Pros" who as long you believe them will tell you that in their made up
    Promised Land of SEO Content is secondary to Backlinks because lets face it when you
    don't know how to write Content, then Backlinks would be the only selling point Pros
    will have left to use to get your attention.

    Because directories are not a good source of SEO juice, never been nor ever will when it
    comes to your site. Why? Because only your site can create SEO "magic" whereas Directory
    can create it own magic and advance directory's position in SERP which explains why Google
    doesn't see Directories as SEO material.

    If you're looking for traffic and yes, backlinks, then you're welcome to use directories.



  13. Converse Active Member


    Let me follow up on a little experiment that I began a couple of weeks ago. As a part of the discussion in the thread, "How many sites have you ranked?", I created a site called Blue-Green Virtual Fuzzy Monkey in order to prove that I could rank a site with no back-links whatsoever. It took less than two hours for it to rise to the top, becoming the number one result in Google on a search for "blue-green virtual fuzzy monkey."

    It was also the only site that came up for that search phrase at the time. Although there are others now, my "Blue-Green Virtual Fuzzy Monkey" site still ranks as number one and two, followed by the discussion in this forum about it.

    Why would that be, if links were the important thing in ranking a site? This forum has quite a few links, while my Blue-Green Virtual Fuzzy Monkey site only has the link from this forum, unless you count the ones that simply acknowledge that I had created that domain. This forum kicks ass, as far as back-links go, when you compare it to the Blue-Green Virtual Fuzzy Monkey site.

    The reason, of course, is that the Blue-Green Virtual Fuzzy Monkey site includes more content about the creature that I made up on the spot, as well as including the search phrase in the domain name, which a lot of self-proclaimed SEO gurus are also saying is a bad thing now. I see that Bing has also picked up my site, although it has not indexed the forum thread that references it. As you remember, I have said several times that Bing is usually a couple of weeks behind Google. There it is.

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  14. CallieJo New Member


    The problem isn't necessary free link directories. There are several other problems that are more important to consider:

    The quality of the directory itself is the most important. Will you be able to reach your target audience from the directory? Is the directory centered around your niche? Are the current listings good sites or spammy sites or dead sites? Does the directory offer any valuable content that targets your niche (Ex: articles)?

    The rankings of the directory. If you are concerned with your own rankings, you might want to check out the rankings of the directory first. Does it have a good in-bound link profile? Is it a well respected directory?

    The bounce rate. If the directory is full of ads and does not have a good structure to follow, it might have a high bounce rate. If it has a high bounce rate, your website might not ever been seen by an actual visitor. If it has a low bounce rate, you stand a better chance that an actual visitor might find your website and actual visit it.

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  15. toradrake Member


    Well here is a question, on my forum I included a little description under each category for the members to know what that section is for. Would that be considered good content as it is talking about the category? I hope that made sense.

  16. Converse Active Member


    Any text is content. As to good content or bad content, the same principles apply to forums and directories as to any other website. If it says pretty much the same thing as other websites, then it would be considered duplicate content, and it wouldn't count for much, if anything for SEO purposes, although it may still serve a purpose within your site. The best content is unique, well written, and relevant to the page.

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  17. biju New Member


    I'm really confused about them. I don't know, in this time how will I use them for getting some good for my site?:(

  18. toradrake Member


    First off, the content is where your relevancy (keywords and such) come into play. When search engines view your site to see where to place you, how to place you, and under what keyword searches... they don't just look at your meta information. They look at your content. So content plays a role in those areas.

    Secondly, it tells your users what each area is. For instance.... Let's say I have a forum about building a site. I put a category title for one of my boards as Website Review. Now this title is a bit ambiguious. Let's say I want them to put their own websites up for other members to review and not for them to just randomly review any site they see. My content would tell them that.

  19. Converse Active Member


    Do you mean that you are really confused about web directories, or about something else that was said in this thread? As a website owner, a web directory can be a source of traffic for your site, and may also help your site to gain a better position in search engine result pages. As for the web directories that were listed in the opening post in this thread, I've never heard of any of them, and am not recommending them.

    To be useful as a web directory, someone coming to that directory should be able to find useful content. If it is a general web directory, that means that it must contain at least a few of the best sites for each of its categories. If a niche directory, the same thing applies, although a niche directory won't have the same number of total links as a good general directory. On the other hand, a niche directory can more easily include the best sites that relate to its niche.

    To be useful as a web directory, it should be reasonably well organized, have very few - if any - empty categories, and be of good quality. Site listings should be useful, titles should reflect the actual title of the site or name of the business or organization, and descriptions should be descriptive.

    To be viable in the directory industry today, a new directory should probably have a responsive design, and include useful content besides site listings, titles, and descriptions. For directories that have histories spanning several years, the reality is that they will probably not be able to become fully modernized, yet may continue to be reputable and useful by virtue of their history and large volume of content.

  20. SLTE New Member


    It's funny. At first I was going to challenge the notion that it would be difficult to modernize older listings on a larger directory, but then I pulled up DMOZ and started looking through all the categories available, and just how comprehensive and narrowed those categories become. I only typically use directories to focus on topics I find of interest, so I tend to forget that every category is probably just as comprehensive, and so there's got to be millions of entries that would need editing. Challenge retracted.

    That said, tinkering with font choices, layout, and so forth to modernize the look of the site would no doubt help a directory remain a viable source of information.


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