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Forum Display

Discussion in 'Suggestions/Complaints' started by Converse, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Converse Active Member


    As you can see, the forum display is a little different. I am trying a two-column display. At the moment, it looks a little disordered only because most of our categories have an uneven number of sub-forums.

    For example, "Forum Talk" looks okay because the number of sub-forums (counting the rules section) is equal. However, the "Directories" category is uneven, allowing the most recent topic in the "I Hate Directories Because" sub-forum to be displayed to the right of the sub-forum heading rather than beneath it.

    Please bear with me for a day or so I would like to think of one more sub-forum topic for the following categories:
    • Directories
    • Search Engines
    • Social Networks
    • Web Development & Design
    • Our Network of Sites (on that one, I could simply add our SEO/Web Glossary, although I wouldn't imagine I'd be posting about it often)
    Once I even up the number of sub-forums in each topic, it will look orderly and, because there would be two-columns of sub-forums, it won't require as much scrolling.

    It's not a given. If I do that and it still doesn't look very good, I can put it back the way it was with one click.

  2. toradrake Member


    LOL I refreshed my page and saw that. Was a bit confused at first. Looks good. I kind of like it, scrolling through faster.

  3. Converse Active Member


    Yeah, I just need to think up a few more sub-forums to even things up. I'm using that type of layout on another forum and it works well.

    Later... Okay, I have an even number of sub-forums in each section now, and I've ordered them alphabetically. I have added a sub-forum for "Web Browsers" in the "Search Engines" category. Although that's not a perfect fit, it's as good as any, and I don't see a point in creating another category for it. Once we have at least one message in each sub-forum, it will have a more symmetrical look about it and I think it'll be easier to navigate.

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
  4. toradrake Member


    Website evaluation???? Ummmm.....You may need a description on that one. The title suggest that this could be a place for others to evaluate your website, or to evaluate each others websites, or for anyone to evaluate any website on the net.... or were you intending for it to be for all of the above?

    Seo/Web Glossary.... I take it that section is going to be a dictionary?

  5. Converse Active Member


    They all have descriptions. Perhaps I need to expand it but, yes, any of the above would be on-topic. As a part of web design, people often ask others to look at their site and comment on it. But more general discussions of what to look for would also be okay.

    I just needed something to even it up, and the only other part of this network is my SEO/Web Glossary, so I added that.

  6. SimplySidy Member


    I love the new look. But there seems to be some minor glitch or rather CSS issue. The names at the end of each block seem to display in smaller height. I am unsure if it is just on my browser or a problem with others too. Trying to get a snapshot uploaded. (It might not be a big issue but I thought to bring it to record). Oh yes, and how do I upload an image here ?

    I cannot get the image to display. here is the URL (valid for a month as it is on the free version) -

  7. Converse Active Member


    If I am understanding this correctly, those are not the forums, but the most recently updated thread in each forum. The most recently updated thread is displayed beneath each forum.

    "Hi to All," "Web Directory Topics," and "Forum Display" are threads in the "Introductions," "Forum Announcements," and "Suggestions/Complaints" forums, respectively.

  8. toradrake Member


    OOOOOO...... you just gave me a new place to play...... hehehehehe. You do love me! LOL


    I was just snooping around the site taking in the new look..... got a suggestion. You may want to put some type of dividing line between the columns. The topics kind of blend together. I know they are separate but a new person may get a bit confused.

    Just my opinion.

    Last edited: Jan 31, 2015

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