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Discussion in 'Suggestions/Complaints' started by Converse, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Converse Active Member


    We talk a lot about search engine optimization here, more so than we do about web directories, as a matter of fact. That disturbs me, but that has been discussed elsewhere. What bothers me even more is the fact that so much of what is posted here consists of the words of others, mostly from blogs run by self-proclaimed SEO gurus, many of whom know far less about what they are talking about than some of the people in this forum.

    For the sake of personal gratification, I'd rather hear what you have to say about things. I give some of my time to a couple of SEO forums, occasionally read some of these blogs, and I receive a lot of SEO newsletters in my email, much of which is pleasantly diverted by my spam filter.

    Most of what you read in these places is crap, repeated by people who probably don't even remember whose butt it came out of, and reworded and repeated for the sole purpose of increasing the search engine optimization of their blog, which itself exists for the purpose of trying to sell you something. There are people active in this forum who have a whole lot more expertise on the subject than most of these bloggers. I know that I feel the insult at times, and and I am sure there are others who do as well.

    I won't prohibit linking to outside blogs because there are times when it might be appropriate to do so; I do so myself, but too often it seems that outside references are made in lieu of offering your own opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

    I'd rather know what you think of something, and why. If something that you read somewhere has led you to take a particular position, it's fine to reference it, but your own words should be the focus of the thread. You too, can be an expert in SEO, but you won't get there by hanging on the words of random bloggers, or people who post one-liners in SEO forums.

    Pertaining to SEO and this forum, please keep in mind that the primary topic of this forum is web directories. While topics such as SEO, web design, hosting, and marketing can relate to web directories in some manner, if I wanted to run an SEO forum, I would have named it something else.

    I don't care what opinion you may have about web directories, as long as they are your opinions and not those of outside bloggers or the combined consciousness of some SEO forum somewhere, ninety percent of whom still believe that "high PR" is the most important factor in search engine optimization.

    For the purposes of SEO, quoted content from outside blogs helps the outside blog, not this forum. Your own original words, whether they are in reference to some outside blog comment or original to this forum, are what helps to improve the search engine optimization of this forum.

    Thread titles that identify the intended topic of the thread are best, since they help to identify the subject of the thread, both to search engines and human visitors. As @Ray pointed out in another thread, remaining on-topic will help greatly to allow the search engines to appropriately index these threads.

    When this does not occur, the fault may lie with me as well, as I should be splitting threads whose topics have evolved into something else, and I have myself been guilty of off-topic posts. It is true that natural conversation often flits from one topic to another, but that doesn't work well online. When a search engine algorithm can't figure out what a thread is about, it doesn't index it.

    I don't know how many of you have websites but when you are writing content for your website, you will probably notice that the topic of your writing will naturally evolve, or change into something else after you've written several paragraphs. When this relates in some discernible way to what you have said before, it should be split into a subpage, but when you have introduced a different topic, it should be a parallel page.

    The same is true of forum threads. I am running a couple of forums, and am behind in some of my other stuff, such as my web review site so, while I read every thread that is posted in both of my forums, I don't always read them carefully. You can help me there.

    When you start a thread, you probably know what you intend that thread to be about. When someone introduces a different topic, that is referred to as hijacking a thread. Usually, it isn't intentional, but someone has diverted attention from your topic to their topic, and their topic should probably be in a separate thread. Please let me know when someone does that, even if it's me.

    There are times when someone might make an off-hand remark that only peripherally relates to something that you have said, because it reminded them of something else, and that is usually okay as long as the topic is then returned to the original topic. In other words, your words might remind me of something that I thought might be funny or interesting, so I'll briefly comment on it, then return to the original topic. The danger there is that others might then begin talking about my topic, diverting attention from your own.

    Don't start a thread unless you have something to say. Say it, then follow up with others who may have commented on it. Whether they agree with you or disagree with you, that's fine, as long as they're talking about the same thing. Take ownership of your threads by trying to ensure that they remain on topic.

    Let me know if it is diverted. As I mentioned earlier, this isn't usually done on purpose so no one is going to get in trouble for it, but I'll be able to split the thread so that both topics may be discussed separately.

    When responding to a thread started by another, do your best to remain on topic. If something in that thread reminds you of something else, as long as you can say it briefly, go ahead, but then take it upon yourself to return the topic to the original subject before submitting your post. If whatever it is that you wanted to say is something that you believe others may want to comment on, start a separate thread for it.

    Lastly, because I do want this forum to be indexed as a web directory forum, please explore the web directory topics, not looking for what some blogger has to say about web directories, but for what you have to say about them. The most important thing to a forum is its members. You are the ones that I most want to hear from,

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  2. Ray Active Member


    Great post!
    You just say it much better thank I can...
    If you need a list of habitual offenders, I can list her for you :rolleyes:.

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  3. Rainman New Member


    Guilty as charged but that ["drifting"] is something I aim to change. It just happens that forum users may momentarily lose focus on what really matters and a nudge like this one will get them back on track. I hope that those who actually click on this thread and read through it will feel the same way. It's time everyone's attention turned to web directories.

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  4. xTinx New Member


    Well the thing is doing SEO is no different from getting trapped inside a labyrinth. There's only one exit but you can get out of it in so many ways. The reason why some people would look to those so-called "SEO gurus" for tips and guidance is that they're still still new to the SEO business and don't know where to start. Their starting point has to be someone else's experience. Thus, the style mimicry. I admit that's what my previous company did when we were just starting out and following someone else's method did pay off. Our sites went up in a few months' time. Eventually, though, you have to go by your own rules because other people's methods will start working against you if you keep at it for too long.

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  5. Ray Active Member


    Hello @xTinx, I believe you may have missed the intent of this thread, or maybe you did not take the time to read the initial post before replying to it. That seems to be a common problem in this forum. But in case you missed it, here's the essence of the message above:

    Last edited: Mar 11, 2015
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  6. Jason76 Member


    On my webmaster forum, I'd like to correct that error. I would encourage and write good material, and the aim wouldn't be to sell you something. However, people would be free to sell things from their signatures, but they couldn't draw attention to their signatures via thier posts.


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