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End of Search Engines + a Biz Idea for Social Websites

Discussion in 'Search Engines' started by SimplySidy, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. SimplySidy Member


    Okay, it is Sunday and I thought to have a lighter discussion today.

    Me and my friend (this guy owned a successful SEO firm some years back and his unit was badly hit by the updates from Google. Today he is working as a freelance) got together over dinner last night. After dinner, we got into chatting and soon the discussion turned to Search Engines, their monopoly and control over the Internet. My friend came up with some good solution (according to him) that can kill the Search Engine thing (okay, the discussion was only about - you want to search something on the Internet) and here is the concept in brief -

    Social Media is growing leaps and bounds. Millions of users, 100s of friends and hence, if they came up with something like - "Ask the Community" - can this lead to the Death of the Search Engines (again, usage restricted only to finding sites).

    His example: Suppose you want to find about the best places to dine out in a city. What you do is - you click the Ask the community link and put up your question. You also get to specify the locality, the target community (in this case the Geo-location - you get options to select city or even the state or even the country, maybe the budget too) and the Question gets delivered to everyone on this social network (based on your target community). And then, you start getting Answers from them.

    The end result - you get quite a great number of websites or answers mostly relevant and quite specific to your query - unlike the ones that get generated on the SERPs (many a times you just dont find anything useful when you use SEs).

    Your Take on this? Do you think it is something viable and if so, why aren't the Social Networks thinking on these lines ? And if this happened, would it be anywhere near the time we saw the end of Dominance of Search Engines on Internet ?

  2. toradrake Member


    Would only work for things based on local search, such as best restaurants or bars, but not for general internet search. ChaCha tried something along those lines, have people ask questions and other people (guides) find relevant sites to their search query to give them, and that bombed quite badly (go to ChaCha.com and do a search, these answers were given by guides and were recorded for future use). Trying to get answers from social media like that would be OK at first but then companies will pay to have their site come up and people will start spamming those companies. Along with that, there would be a huge limitation. There are thousands upon thousands of business' out there and thousands more that will be made in the future. They are unknown and so how would the community know? How would those new or up and coming business' get the chance to grow. There are more variables I see that could go wrong or are wrong with the idea but I will say this, local searches on social media sites are a good thing... but the www needs to stay SE and Directory.

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  3. SimplySidy Member


    Quite right. History proves that this will only add to more confusion and maybe some corruption too - just because of the Human Intervention. You do have a point with ChaCha failing to deliver but then, there are some other sites like Yahoo Answers (and maybe if we confine to niche specific - we can also talk about the stock exchange - I mostly find it technical, though) which have been delivering quality information (though not in the real sense of a search engine).

    I agree that despite the social media (or ChaCha) getting into such solutions, people will still need search engines - just because they would need to find out the newer sites and blogs to quote in their replies to queries.

    But yes, as you do mention, there are many countries where there is no local search engine. There are yellow pages kind of stuff but on most of those where I visited, I found they do have more irrelevant results than anywhere. Say for instance, I want to find out the best places to buy Groceries in my city, most of the information (obtainable via google.co.in) is crap and useless. If I use a local directory (we do not have any yet) I might locate a few places and that too quite distant (in measurements) from my location in the city. This can be overcome to an extent via this kind of local service via social media - as long as there is a website or a place to provide me better information. This might also help those who visit/travel to a new place.

  4. toradrake Member


    Well in cases like that... make one. If there is no access to information about the area that you live in (in this case India) then you are in a unique position to create your own local search engine and get paid by business' to include them into this local search engine. Then it is just a matter of marketing the SE. Your local search can be marketed through tourist sites and companies as well as tourism blogs.... because who would use it most??? TOURIST! LOL. For locals all you have to do is print of up business cards and spread it around for them to know about it. If there are no other relevant local searches out there then you would be the only one, which means... you will succeed greatly. Wish I had that advantage, I would have already jumped on that game and had a local search site up and running.

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  5. Aree Wongwanlee New Member

    Aree Wongwanlee

    No, I don't think it will work. At least, it won't work for what I do with Google. When I ask Google, I want results from all over the world. And I want results independent of human interference. Yes, Google does filter the results and rank them but it's just a simple matter of asking the right questions to find the right answers.

    Using social media, I will be limited to what people wants to tell me. This may work on a very local scale. For example, I am in a group of teachers on Facebook who live in Hatyai, Thailand. Very often, we ask and get answers about where to buy something. And even then, the results are dependent on the personal experiences of the members and whether the members are prepared to share their experiences.

  6. ducklord Member


    Nope, won't work, but not for the reasons mentioned, since you (all!) forgot the most important one: lag. And I don't mean microseconds or even seconds lag. I'm talking minutes, days, weeks and months lag.

    When I search for something on Google, the results appear right after I hit enter. On a solution like the one you describe, I'd have to go through some hoops to fine-tune my search to "a specific bunch of people" and then actually ASK them to REPLY to me.

    Pay a visit to sites like Quora and check how many questions are left unanswered for weeks. Or even months.

    That's not to say that your idea is not an interesting project, for it is. It's just not a "killer of search engines". It's something else entirely, a micro-quora with a social back-end for everyday questions. It's pretty great, actually, and if implemented properly, could grow to a useful and popular service. Just don't expect it to out-throne Google.

    (...and don't forget that Google ain't run by Schmidt and Co. nowadays, but by the secret A.I.s they've already built, that are at this exact moment rebuilding themselves to become SkyNet. There's no hope fighting them - we're their batteries :p )


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