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Earning through photography

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Shan Barton, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    I do photography as a side job especially when I'm free on weekends or just as a passion. Considering that I have a collection of so many quality photos, sometimes I wonder whether I would sell them and get some cash. I have done some research about it but not yet found a reliable place to sell. Are you a photographer like me and planning to sell your work online? I think sharing what we know and don't know can help much.

  2. Converse Active Member


    I live at the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, so I've sold a few nature photos from around here to various stock photo companies, but have never really tried to make any serious profit from it. If I were to do that though, I think I'd build a website where I could sell my own work. Since I know how to promote a website, there's an edge there too,

  3. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    I have checked out a few stock photo sites but not yet uploaded any of my photos. I will try and do that. I have also seriously considered the option of creating a specific site to sell my work over the last few weeks. The problem would be how to effectively promote it considering that I have little time in my hands. I will try and find some helpful insights from people who have been successful doing it.

  4. greatnate New Member


    I would create a personal portfolio site and network with your colleagues, friends, etc. You should also look into stock photo sites, as suggested above. Companies and individuals need stock photography for all sorts of uses. I have hired photographer friends for events and I've purchased stock photography online for many design projects. Good luck!

  5. Billy New Member


    There are a lot of stock photography sites where you can sell the rights to use your images, like istock, etc. There are also places where you can sell video, for when someone is making a video and needs live clipc. Just by taking a video of normal everyday things, like cars on the road, or a plane taking off you can make some good money.

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  6. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    That is a good suggestion. I frequently get some photography work in events like parties but mostly outsource it to another friend of mine who does it full-time. I think I will have to opt for the stock photo sites because of the various options they offer in terms of photo varieties you can submit and I have many of them.

  7. tasha New Member


    I have heard of a few sites that allow you to make money on selling your photography. Try looking at the directories for information but I am not certain I think fiverr or mturk might do it.

  8. SimplySidy Member


    May I ask what kind of photos do you click?

    A friend of mine loves to click pictures of Birds, and wild life. He has about 10 GB of those pictures. Recently, he submitted a few to the Discovery Channel and now is hired by them. This is just one aspect.

    In case you take pictures of Ancient places, maybe you can contact those places also, as I am sure, if your pictures are good, they can be persuaded to make an album of them and sell them off to tourists visiting them.

    In case, you dont have a niche and are one of those professional photographers who love to lick anything that catches you fancy, in that scenario, you can either submit them to websites dealing with stock photos that are rights managed (as mentioned above by @Billy) or even have your own website (as mentioned by@gratnate).

    I will also recommend, that if there are any local publications in your locality, you might contact them. If they would like the photos, they would surely hire you as professional photographers are always one of their primary needs.

    Last recommendation - in case you know anyone associated with some local magazine (or elsewhere) you can contact them to get a space in the Magazine to publish the photos. Based on the readers responses, you can be asked to submit more (and this is where they will pay you).

  9. queenbee New Member


    It depends what your intention is. If you want to turn this into a long-term, independent business and/or hobby, you might want to focus on building your own brand online. You could make a website on tumblr/blogpress, maybe even run advertisements on your site, join it up to travel writing, etc. And there are other options! Selling prints on ebay or etsy, or submitting to art and photography competitions.

    Otherwise, if you're more interested in making some money or just want to try out various options, some of the major stock sites include Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Fotolia, and DreamsTime. But know that you won't be making much, and it's not uncommon for beginner photos to be bought from prices as low as a $0.20.

  10. Sly14Cat New Member


    I've heard a bit about learning through photography. It seems that it's not an easy thing to do, and even of the best websites it's hard to get a good sum of money off of photography to be completely honest. You also have to be pretty good at it, since there are so many other photographers it's hard to make yours stand from the crowd. There certainly are people out there who make money doing it, you just gotta know what you're doing I guess.

  11. Billy New Member


    My dad was just asking me the other day about this, because my brother was speaking to him about doing it. My dad has a RC plane, which can have a camera installed on it. I told him that if the quality is good, I could see a lot of people wanting aerial photos or videos.

  12. tasha New Member


    I have made money selling my photos to magazines but with the article to go with it. The pay at first is not that great and as you get more work experience, the pay rate is higher. They even contact me sometimes for scoop photography in my area, so I always need to be on top of the news and celebrity visits in order to be the first to get published. It is difficult but like any other job, it is a full time thing and another way to make money out of your photography would be to make a calender of things that you are fond of capturing. Selling this to news agencies can make some money and you can also sell it online.

  13. SadieMarie New Member


    I have heard of Foap. You can sell your work on there. There are also stock photo websites that might buy your photography. Tsu is another site that is similar to Facebook. You could always post your photos on there and get money based on views.

  14. Clcharms New Member


    There two android and iPhone apps that are great for earning money through photography. Ibotta and Foap; check them out!

  15. Arianna New Member


    Sounds like somebody should start a stock photo website. I love photography. I have not tried to sell to stock photos. I have worked privately as a still photographer. One job was straight commission on what I sold and the other was a weekly salary. It is probably hands down my favorite job. Making a new stock photo website could be lucrative. Hmmm, maybe different sections with stock up to higher quality and specialized work. If there was a capacity or opportunity for a photographer to make decent money on it. I do think it would become popular. Off the top of my head I can think of several guys who work regularly that would do something like that for extra money. This is one to research. I like this idea. If anyone wants to put this together I'm in.

  16. Converse Active Member


    I buy stock photos sometimes and what I have seen is that a new stock photo site will start up, offering prices that I can afford, or giving credits for photos that I have taken myself and uploaded. Then, after a couple of years, they get enough stock that they are either bought out by one of the others, or they become one of the others, raising their prices beyond the amount that I am willing to pay.

  17. starlight22 New Member


    Photography does sound like a fun job as well. I searched and found that you can also earn money from your photos online. It's incredible that you can earn money from home doing mostly anything. To all the people who are earning through photography I wish you lots of success. Taking awesome pictures is a talent too.

  18. tasha New Member


    There are a number of photographers that work freelance and make loads of money. They either have a website where they sell the items online or they work for places like elance and sell their works to shutterstock etc. They make a bit of money out of it and it is a continous business

  19. toradrake Member


    My friend, who does photography, and I were talking over my forum I opened up which has a topic section for photography, and he suggested I add a classified type area to allow people to sell their digital stuff such as art, photos, music... If I ever get it up and running, I can really see the profitability of photography and I will let you know for sure how it is.

  20. xTinx New Member


    Working on everyone's suggestions, I think it's better if you: (1) to create your own stock photo company and name your own prices (provided you have a large reservoir of photos covering various subjects) or (2) sell your photos to stock photo companies. Just be forewarned that some companies may try to buy your photos at a price lesser than you would have it.


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