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Driving Traffic

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by toradrake, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    Here is a list of 10 ideas to drive traffic to your site with your content. Some I agree with, others... not so much. But they all have some relevancy to them in my open for New Search Traffic Building in the SEO world. Which do you agree with and why?

    10 Growth Hacks to Drive New Search Traffic From Your Content

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  2. Rainman New Member


    I like the tip about rotating between evergreen and trending content. Many webmasters focus on one or the other. Good thing about evergreen content is that it will always draw traffic your way but focusing on it only would mean losing out on traffic you'd get if you, from time to time wrote an article on whatever is trending then.

    I'm guilty of never writing evergreen content. Mostly I curate news articles of happenings in the entertainment world and though I might get some traffic for two or three days once the news is old, no one ever reads those articles again. From now on, I'll have to write some articles which readers will always find interesting because they're "timeless."

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  3. toradrake Member


    Fresh content is always a plus for any website. I was recommended to try and put up articles once every 3 to 4 days to draw traffic.

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  4. mr_bucks New Member


    So google has come out and openly admitted that certain sites have "authority", it was suspected or known for years, but there was not any proof, That was the whole concept behind parasites, you would find a site like reddit which had authority for a certain niche, and then make a post, and then put lots of backlinks to that post. The same thing worked well for .edu domains.

    Reference Others and Link Back -
    The days of hogging your link juice are, thankfully, gone and it now pays to link out. Google looks at those citations as content-enhancing now, especially where you link out to truly authoritative sources. The search engine has a long-held patent called the Hilltop Algorithm, which assigns Expert Document status to those sites seen as truly authoritative in any particular niche.

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  5. jblogger New Member


    @mr_bucks isn't that "authority" you are talking about the Google Page Rank? That's why in the past getting links from high PR sites was so valued. Then the time for the no follow attribute came and all high PR sites started using it and Google knew which authority sites where supporting less authority ones and wich where not.

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  6. mr_bucks New Member


    No, I am talking about when it was easy to get backlinks using black methods. People had noticed that .edu sites would rank really easy when you threw backlinks against them, even poor quality ones. So they said the site had "authority", meaning google gave it more value despite the site not having not much PR. So you would find an abandoned guest book or forum on a .edu, there used to be tons of them. And then you would throw maybe 2000 to 5000 crappy back links against them, and they would rank.

    The follow vs no follow debate. There where people that said no follow didn't do anything and google lied and said it did. Then there was the majority that said it did matter. Then there was the third group that said who cares, throw any type of backlink against the site.

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  7. Jason76 Member


    :D Let's just put $10,000 a month into pay per click, and forget it. :mad: However, if you can't front the bill, then you would need to utlize at least a few of things listed in ths thread. In particular, I would focus on building a huge social media campaign, and if you can't think of things to post, there is a cheap tool to help out.

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  8. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I'm the same way that you are. Some of these I do agree with and then others I don't. One that I do think is good would be social optimization. I'm sure that that would work out good for others and then not for some. It's hard because some will work for certain people, and others won't work. But overall I think that it would be a good list for people who are looking to get more people to their blog or site.

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  9. Clarke Member


    Nice post...
    Long tail keywords are very helpful in generate traffic and easily visible in Search Engines as compare to short tail keywords.
    Unique and HQ content sharing on high quality sites always helpful to increase visits.

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  10. cwvps New Member


    I just love the tip about building relationships. It's the same in the online and offline world. We will depend on other people, no matter what we do.

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  11. chinomoreno New Member


    For online businesses, every platform is an opportunity, of whatever it may serve.
    Traffic or leads.

  12. jblogger New Member


    Social optimization is one of the most powerful ways of driving traffic. It's hard because you need to create content that people want to share, you must have strong copy skills and know how to persuade people. So, the trick is to know what people want to share, once you figure that out you can be sure you are going to get a flood of traffic.

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  13. 111kg New Member


    When you say people, you have to decide your target. If you want a buzzfeed like site, there are tons of them already, not to say that most of the use the same content from 9gag or Reddit. Figuring what people want is a really hard process.

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  14. srimathi Member


    These are really some great ideas to drive traffic to any site. I really appreciate your effort.

  15. kavipriya Member


    Yes, These are very great ideas to drive traffic, in which smo is the best way to drive traffic quickly.

  16. micheljanet New Member


    Long tail keywords are very helpful in generate traffic and easily visible in Search Engines as compare to short tail keywords. I just love the tip about building relationships.

  17. Social media optimization is the better way to drive more traffic to your website.

  18. I also think social media optimization is the best way to drive traffiic.

  19. laxmirai269 New Member


    build more backlinks from high domain authority websites.

  20. fastreplies Original Member



    Define "authority websites"




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