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Does anyone use DuckDuckGo?

Discussion in 'Search Engines' started by mdaudali, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. mdaudali New Member


    I was wondering if anyone actually uses DuckDuckGo, and whether it's worth focusing any effort on improving SEO with a focus on DuckDuckGo. Last I heard was that it was gaining ground very quickly, but this was a while back.

  2. Converse Active Member


    I've tried it, and have no problem with the results it gave, but I am okay with Bing so I'll stay there for the gift certificates.

  3. calebmelvern New Member


    I was a DuckDuckGo user back when I still had LinuxMint in my system. If I remember correctly, it was the default search engine. To be honest, though, I didn't like it a whole lot. I found myself still relying on Google and Bing for the most part. This was more than a year ago so I don't know the current state of DuckDuckGo.

  4. Guido Moderator


    Staff Member

    With the last Mac OSX update, DuckDuckGo was included as an optional default search choice.

  5. mdaudali New Member


    Thanks guys! Seems like DuckDuckGo is getting noticed, but still isn't as good as it's competitors. Don't think I'll focus too much on it.
    Could I ask what drives you away from DuckDuckGo?

  6. Converse Active Member


    DuckDuckGo doesn't give me gift certificates like Bing does.

  7. calebmelvern New Member


    Google and Bing simply renders better results based on my experience. Again, I haven't used DuckDuckGo in a while so I don't know whether they have improved or not. What I like about it is that they don't track their users, a huge relief if you're concerned about all the talk with Google collecting data from people.

  8. Sly14Cat New Member


    I used it for a little while, I love the "bang" idea, it really keeps things interesting and gives them something to make them stand out from the rest. I also like that it's secure, and doesn't collect your information for advertising like Google does. I stopped using it though, I don't remember why. It was probably because I found it a bit slow, which does get a little annoying after time. I see a future for them though.

  9. logitech74 New Member


    I don't use it. I only use Google because it's my main source of income and I like to know everything about Google because it get's easier to rank and bank then. But I heard that DuckDuckGo is a great for privacy and that they don't store or sell any data about you. Can anyone confirm that?

  10. Billy New Member


    I've been using Google for quite some time, so I don't see myself switching anytime soon. Especially because I'm trying to rank sites in Google, so why would I use any other search engine? It would be cool if they did get a lot of users though, because I checked a while ago and have some web properties ranking on the first page of their results.

  11. jdroc New Member


    Duckduckgo does not collect or share personal information. That is our privacy policy in a nutshell. The rest of this page tries to explain why you should care. I hope this one gains more traction. Competition is always good for consumers.

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  12. toradrake Member


    To be honest, until this forum, I had never heard of it. I did go and check it out and it seems ok, but I'm a Bing user right now and have no plans to change. They really aren't offering me anything in which to insight me to change. Bing gives me great results at the moment and I get rewards for using it. If Bing changes for the worse, then I may consider switching if DuckDuckGo proves to be a better search.

  13. GlacialDoom New Member


    I have only recently heard of it, but I was not really impressed. I mean, I truly am OK with Google or Microsoft having my search data, it's not like I'm a terrorist or something...

    The results are usually relevant, more relevant than Bing's, anyway, but I will keep using Google for stuff that I need to find quickly, and Bing for the monthly Amazon gift card. Now, maybe if DuckDuckGo started paying... :)

  14. Bee New Member


    I've used duckduckgo very few times but I heard that they are good with not monitoring what you search like the other search engines. DuckDuckGo is a relatively new alternative to Google, which provides, in particular, the privacy of the user in the foreground. The search engine also claims not to create data collection on whoever uses duckduckgo so that is a plus for me.

  15. NathanG New Member


    I sometimes use DuckDuckGo for fun, but it has never been my default search engine. I mainly use Google, because well it's Google, and Bing for the rewards. I don't really care that much that Google has my search data, because how could it hurt me? Although I can see how some users just want privacy, and would switch to DuckDuckGo.

  16. Converse Active Member


    Startpage offers Google results without the privacy issues.

  17. NathanG New Member


    Interesting, I'll have to check it out.

    Have you ever used or had any experience with it?

  18. Converse Active Member


    Sure. If I"m not finding what I need on Bing, I'll go to Startpage. It uses Google results exclusively but, because it doesn't track you, it doesn't use Google's personalization stuff, so I think it gives cleaner results than Google. If not for the Amazon.com gift cards that I get from Bing, I'd use Startpage.

  19. NathanG New Member


    I'll certainly try using it, although Google's personalized results are actually useful (to me anyways) most of the time. And yes, the Amazon gift cards from bing are definitely an incentive to use it instead. :)

  20. Converse Active Member


    Perhaps because I am mostly searching for content to add to directory categories, rather than for things that I have a personal interest in, when Google tries to personalize my searches, it really screws things up. About the time that it thinks I am in to one thing, I am on to another category topic. From what I've seen though, DuckDuckGo gives pretty good results too.


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