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Does anyone still use the Yahoo engine?

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by Sly14Cat, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Sly14Cat New Member


    I remember using it a very long time ago when I was new to the internet and such and they were still closely tired to Rogers. Yahoo was pretty much the only engine we used until a year or two later when I was suggested to use Google, and I've been using that ever since (And DuckDuckGo). I was wondering if there's anyone around that still uses Yahoo?

  2. Billy New Member


    I think it depends on where you live. Where I live, Google and Bing are popular, although not so much Bing, but in other parts of the world they may be using Yahoo. I think it all depends on what you were introduced to when you first started using the Internet, so if someone has just got online, they may have a browser that has Yahoo installed, and they may use that for years, because switching is a nuisance.

  3. toradrake Member


    I've lived every where from the East Coast to the West Coast US and the two that seem to be the most commonly used in the past 10 years is Google and the past 5 years is Google and Bing. Yahoo has been slowly falling on the SE list in the past 10 or 15 years from what I've seen.

  4. Converse Active Member


    Temporarily without access to my Bing account, I thought I'd try some other search engines in my work, which involves searching for sites in order to seed directory categories. I just tried DuckDuckGo, which was not an effective search for my purposes, so I thought I'd give Yahoo a try.

    Since the category that I am seeding at the moment is the city of Henderson, Nevada, I searched for it by city and state. Yahoo gave one usable result on page one. The official city site did not appear until the middle of the second page of results, and there is nothing else useful on that page either. I'll have to say "no" to Yahoo.

  5. Rainman New Member


    There's a time I extensively used Yahoo because it returned lots of obscure sites in their search results. When hunting for such sites, I could use the search engine. But the results were not relevant to the search queries I used most of the time.

    Nonetheless I think experimenting with other search engines isn't such a bad idea because sometimes [it doesn't happen often though] a search engine you haven't used can get you some "interesting" search results. Of late ever since they struck a partnership with Bing, I haven't the search engine but I suppose I will, out of curiosity, to find out what has changed.

  6. toradrake Member


    I've been testing them out a bit and I haven't really seen any improvement to their search queries. Their search still gives a lot of irrelevant results, however, I don't think that is fully them. That could be the result of a very crafty (or ignorant) SEO.

  7. Webben New Member


    Google is the main search engine I use because I have found it to be reliable and convenient for a long period of time. In addition, my main browser is Google Chrome, and so Google is the default search engine. Thus, it is the most convenient to use Google as it is straight into the task bar with any queries. This is not the only reason, as reliability and a powerful SEO are very important factors. I would not use a search engine for the sole purpose that it is convenient - the engine needs to produce useful results. In my opinion, I have almost always found what I was looking for using Google, and with features such as maps and scholar, the reach of Google is expanded greatly.

  8. Scorp Member


    I always use Google to search the web. And I don't remember exactly, but I think I've always been using Google. But for example my mom uses Yahoo for some reason.

    Now, I know this question wasn't directed at website owners, but I want to say something. I know that when we talk about SEO and ranking people always talk about Google, and only Google. The same thing for Videos, people only talk about Youtube, and the other Video Platforms are rarely mentioned.

    That's the wrong way to look at it. Sure, Google and Youtube are the biggest and most important platforms, simply because they get the most traffic. But, Yahoo and Bing get traffic too. Metacafe and Dailymotion get traffic too.

    So when you're thinking about ranking your site and SEO, do keep the other search engines in mind too. So, don't only submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools, but go and submit it to Bing too, Yandex even also...

    For videos, do submit your videos to Metacafe and other video platforms too, apart from Youtube.

    In other words, if there's traffic/people somewhere, you want your website/video to be there as well. That's my advice.

  9. ockham New Member


    There has been a couple times I used Yahoo instead of Google. Those were the rare moments when Google wasn't turning up anything useful for me. Yahoo somehow got what I was looking for. Otherwise, I'm a Google user all day. My main browser is Chrome. Google has more or less integrated itself into the things I use. (That's totally not a scary thought at all...)

  10. toradrake Member


    Exactly! Good advice Scorp. I don't use Google or Yahoo, so I am one of the few who don't really think about those two when marketing or doing SEO. I always think of them as an after thought. They may be the heavies, but Yahoo uses Bing and Google does actually search other search engines (inside information alert, don't ask me how I know this.... if I told you, I'd have to kill you. LMAO) for some of their sites or for the placement. The more search engines you are in the better your chances are of rising in Google.

  11. xTinx New Member


    I still use Yahoo but not religiously. Although I'm not fond of the Yahoo search engine, I do read its news bits a whole lot. They're very handy especially when you want to keep abreast with the latest news in your locality and around the world. I also find the top 10 trending topics at the right sidebar of their homepage helpful. I often click names and various subjects in there just to see why they trended.

  12. toradrake Member


  13. Scorp Member


    haha I heard nothing, I know nothing.. :p

    This makes perfect sense actually. It's sort of eye-opening really, because I sort of consider Google the king of search engines, and so I sort of consider them as a company that doesn't "need" or has anything to do with other smaller search engines, but what you said makes perfect sense.

    But, in truth, what are the steps for the other search engines?

    Pinging is one, where you ping various search engines so that they notice your site/post and crawl it.

    Then the webmaster tools, Yahoo/Bing have one, Yandex has one, and of course Google. Is there any other webmaster tool I've missed?

    How else do you get your site included in those other search engines though? Apart from building backlinks and authority of course and hoping that a bunch of small search engines notice you and crawl your site.

    I think every search engine should have a webmaster-type tool, so that I can always submit my site/sitemap to all of them and relax as far as getting noticed goes at least :p

  14. dyanmarie25 New Member


    No. I have not visited Yahoo for such a long time now. But like what you have said, I was pretty much into navigating it when I was new to the internet world. It was kind of much popular than Google before. Right now though, I've been using Google.

  15. toradrake Member


    Well of course it makes sense.... I said it! Would you expect anything less of me? :p

    1000's but we wont hold it against you. :D Alexa and Jayde I believe have them too, but I am not certain on that.

    I thought you knew this
    o_O. Well one thing that comes to mind right this second is manual submission. The other would be a paid submission service (free ones are OK, but they can send you places you don't want also. Best to go paid).

    Have you lost your mind! :eek: That would be a webmasters NIGHTMARE :confused:. There should be one that covers all, not all with their own :rolleyes:. What am I EVER going to do with you. LMAO ;)

  16. Scorp Member


    Meh no - But no (in French :p)

    Yeah, Alexa okay, I've used that too. But I'm generally looking at the larger, more established ones. The ones that may actually bring some benefit. It's the same with social networking sites. I don't jump at any start up social site just because... they have to be established so that I know that my work will, at the very least, be around tomorrow (because many startups can just vanish over time)

    A few hours ago I was on this site clicking some ads. Many of the ads were about $0,001 profit per click...

    So..... do you really think I'd spend Any money on Anything that isn't Absolutely necessary? :D haha

    And then the manual submission, that brings me back to my previous point. No point - for me - in submitting (spending time to do it) on small unknown here today/gone tomorrow search engines. I'd submit to Google, Yahoo and Bing... and I'm already doing that by having my sites/sitemaps submitted on their webmaster tools.

    Nooo!! Never one that covers all!! Centralization of power - Not Good!!! :D

    Like, if there was 1 that covers all then that one would have too much power. And besides, except from Google's webmaster tools which I guess can be used to detect errors and issues, all the others are just a 1-time site and sitemap submission per site, and then you're out of there forever... I guess... :p

  17. toradrake Member


    Silly goose... Alexa and Jayde have been around forever. I used them 10 to 15 years ago for my own sites. As a matter of fact, those two actually helped spread me out to quite a few in a flash. Another was Addme. There are more, like I said, I can't remember them all. When I did my first search engine submission for my forum and blog I put them in those three as well as Bing and Google. In a week I found myself in over 100 search engines so far.

  18. Scorp Member


    @toradrake Actually, I've bookmarked this post now.

    Note to self: Look into a safe, easy and quick way to do search engine submissions for your sites.

    Question, is that pinging?

    Like, when you ping something on sites like pinger it supposedly pings various search engines and stuff. Is that it?

    Or with wordpress.org there's an in-built option that pings a bunch of sites every time you publish a new post.

    Is that it? Or is search engine submissions something different than pigning?

    As far as I know, when you ping about a new post, or a post, it notifies search engines and places, and then those places "crawl" your post, hence you get included in those search engines that were pinged, you know, if your post isn't duplicated content or for some other reason some of those pinged sites decide not to index your post.

    I guess the question is, is pinging and search engine submissions the same thing? Different? How different? What are the differences? LoL :p

  19. toradrake Member


    From my understanding (someone PLEASE correct me if I get this wrong), when you submit to a search engine... you are telling them to include your site. They crawl the site and decide where to put you and how well you are doing.

    Pinging however, tells them to recrawl your site because you have new information on there and you want it considered.

    In a way, I guess they kind of are the same thing.

  20. Scorp Member


    @toradrake I guess I don't have to keep this bookmarked anymore then... :D

    I already do ping my stuff, so that should take care of the notifying various search engines about my content, which result in them crawling, and consequently indexing my page/site...

    As far as how my pinging is done. Well, for my self-hosted wordpress.org sites there's an in-built option for pinging there, so that's taken care of. And for my free bloggers or any other free site for that matter I use the free onling pingers, like Pingler.com and others...

    But if we're wrong here, someone PLEASE correct us and tell us how things really stand. :)

    Thanks Dragoon :p


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