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Does Anyone Click the PPC Adverts ?

Discussion in 'Monetizing' started by SimplySidy, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. SimplySidy Member


    Okay, this has stayed a long time in my head -

    We all know that PPC adverts (like Google Adwords) need to be clicked by the visitors if the wembasters are to make any money out of these.

    Unfortunately, I dont like seeing those adverts and as such, I have Ad-Blockers installed for all browsers on all operating systems I use. Most of the adverts get blocked and I stay happy. But then, there are some adverts that dont get blocked and they come up on the page. I take utmost care not to click on any of them - though there are instances that these adverts were intrusive (got into the text and I clicked them believing them to be links for more info - this was annoying though).

    My friends who are using Internet and do lots of browsing for professional reasons, tell me that - people today are more aware and normally do not click the adverts and as such, it is never a good idea to put up adverts on your website.

    Though I understand, no adverts means no money, still, I dont get to understand the point of using PPC adverts. The CPMs (the adverts that pay you per display) tend to make more sense to me as you did your job and let them a place on your site. Even if those visiting your pages do not click them, they still get to see the adverts and things are more better and rationale.

    What are your observations? Do you use PPC and if so, do you keep getting people onto your pages who click any of those served adverts?

  2. toradrake Member


    I don't even pay any attention to them. I go where I want to go, see what I want to see, then leave. The advert has to really catch my eye for me to even look at it. Most of the time the adverts are things that I am not really interested in anyway. I think over the years I have maybe clicked on three possibly 4 advert's.

  3. Converse Active Member


    I make from $300 to $400 a month from Google AdSense, so people do click on them. Of course, I couldn't pay my bills on $300-400 a month, but it pretty much pays all of my Internet expenses, including the ISP, hosting, domains, etc. When I add the $400-800 a month that I get from Amazon.com sales, there's a bit of a profit there, and if I really had to, I could pay my essential expenses.

    Plus, my sites aren't overloaded with ads. My Granville, North Dakota site is typical of the ad placement that I have on my sites. Usually, only one small Google ad and one or two Amazon.com links on a page, and then only when it fits the contents of the page. I have a few other sites, such as a Bible site and one on reactive attachment disorder, where people are looking for additional information. In those, I have Amazon.com stores but they are on separate pages devoted to that, and I sell a lot of books. The author of one of the most famous books on the subject of RAD asked me how many of her books I had sold from my site. After I looked it up on Amazon.com and told her the number, she said that I had sold way more of her books from my site than she had sold from hers.

    But I didn't create that site for the purpose of selling books. I think that people go wrong when they create a site for the purpose of selling affiliate stuff, or for Google AdSense. However hard they might try to include content, it doesn't work as well as a site that was created by someone who had a genuine interest in the subject, and later monetized it.

    When I come across a site that I think adds value to the Internet, I make a point of clicking on one of their AdSense links if they have them, since this costs me nothing and it helps to pay for the stuff that I like to find online.

  4. sweetkymom New Member


    I personally HATE those pop up adverts. Not only are they clearly not what I am shopping for but they are a nuisance! They tend to popup right in the way to the point you have no way but to click so you can move on with what your doing. I also find that they make your websites and/or blogs slow loading~ mine did at least.

    I understand people trying to make a few cents but loading their websites, blogs and/or forums down with ads will only cause people to stir away. Who wants to spend an hour on a website because of all the crazy ads that slow the place down therefore causing your time to double? I stay away from such sites. I even have my blockers on full swing when I am online.

  5. Converse Active Member


    Oh, I won't even return to a site that has pop-ups or pop-unders, let alone use that kind of advertising on one of my sites.

  6. jdroc New Member


    What about a pop-up email subscriber like popup domination. Many people swear by this plugin. They say it converts really well. I know people still click on the ads as well. My one little site finally start making a very small amount of adsense money. I think people that actually work in the tech world are best at tuning ads out, because we see them and know their placement. Regular Joe Blows don't tune out all of the ads like techies .

  7. Converse Active Member


    I probably wouldn't respond any kind of an email responder, but perhaps others will.

  8. Billy New Member


    People do definitely click on them, whether they are tricked into doing it, do it as a favor to the webmaster for the information, or legitimately are interested, who knows, but I know of some people who are bringing in seven figures from AdSense alone. Although I don't think it's anything like it was a few years ago, there is still a heck of a lot of money to be made with AdSense.

  9. Shamzblueworld New Member


    I also have adblockers installed, and even when I did not, I'd never click on any ad, even if by chance I am interested in something that is showing up on ads, I'd just google it but would never click on the ad. And I wonder why people actually do that? I think only people who clicks on ad are the ones who don't know that they are ads.

  10. jobenvy New Member


    Great topic. I've been on Paidverts for about 3 months. I started out doing the free thing, then got tired of low rent ads so i bought a few hundred $ in ads. Now im up in the million bap group. I skim about 25-30 bucks a day off my earnings then reinvest the rest. Trick to adverts is simple. DO NOT play the stupid games (its a BAP grab not giver) DO NOT get greedy take a little off the top (1/3) throw the rest back in. Say you invest 50 bucks and you make a few hundred off that, If the site crashes then all you really lost was 50 bucks. Great site im making money on it everyday hope it continues to grow.

    If anyone is interested in learning more feel free to PM me. I don't mind giving out a few pointers.

  11. Converse Active Member


    Do you like being able to get online and find information for free? Do you like being able to visit entertaining websites, forums, and online resources without having to pay a subscription fee? Advertising is what pays for this, for the most part. Nearly everyone here wants to make money through AdSense, though Amazon.com, or through some other affiliate marketing scheme. How does that work if everyone uses an ad-blocker or if everyone shuns the idea of clicking on an advertisement?

    The answer is that it doesn't work. Through advertising and affiliate marketing, average people can put up an interesting site and at least be able to pay the costs of having the site online through advertising. Without advertising revenue, how and why would anyone take the time to build a site, pay the hosting fees, and update the site from time to time?

    When I come across a site that has been useful to me, I make a point of clicking on one of their AdSense banners. I don't buy stuff that I don't need but when I come across something that I might need, I'll click on these ads as well.

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  12. calebmelvern New Member


    The only ads I don't click on are those pop-ups and flashy things that make the site really ugly. But taking for example AdSense ads, I don't mind clicking them at all, especially when they are highly targeted to my search query. That is their purpose in the first place. It's similar to watching TV: you enjoy your favorite show but the ads are there because that's how they earn money.

    Take into consideration that you are asking on a forum with a mostly techie bunch. People here know that webmasters place ads to make money, and this reason alone turns them off for whatever reason.

  13. SimplySidy Member


    Yup. Maybe this is one reason why me and the people I mentioned above on my discussion get turned off seeing the adverts.

    Personally, I dont mind the direct ads on a site. But when it comes to Google Adverts or Ads from agencies for that purpose, clicking them (if I get to see them) makes me feel that I am doing something using which, the owner of the site gets to make money. I feel being used. I know, my logic and reasoning is quite unacceptable, but I am just being honest with my feelings here. I dont mind clicking on Adverts that Interest me - if they are direct ads - like maybe - this site puts up an advert of some member's site and if it interests me, I will never hesitate clicking it. But if the same advert is displayed by Google Ads (or similar), I will not click it.

  14. Shamzblueworld New Member


    The point which I was trying to make is that it shouldn't matter how many clicks, but views instead. Anyway, it comes down to personal preference when it comes to having adblockers installed or clicking on ads, and I don't like it. And people build those tools for a reason, to use 'em.

  15. GlacialDoom New Member


    I have AdBlock installed on all my browsers, on both my laptop AND my desktop. When I find myself appreciating a site's service so much that I return to it, I usually disable it to see how many ads there are on that site. If the ads are very intrusive, I enable it again. If the ads aren't getting in my way of enjoying the content that the site presents, I'll leave it disabled for that site.

    As for clicking ads, I NEVER click them.

  16. calebmelvern New Member


    I get what you're coming from. I used to be like this myself. It's pretty ironic, though, that I used to hate Google ads so much, yet I'm relying on them to also make money from my sites. In any case, this all boils down to personal preference. I no longer use ad blockers. When there are annoying ads on a site, I just leave right away. In most cases, such sites tend to be low quality, so no loss for me.

  17. Billy New Member


    It's always amusing to see how someone who's not into internet marketing views the internet. My dad for example, has been online for as long as the Internet has been widely popular, but he still doesn't realize what's an ad and what's a link to another page or site.

  18. calebmelvern New Member


    Yeah. Just a week ago, my aunt and uncle asked me if I could drop by their place. They only do this when they need help with their computer. It turns out that their system has been infected as they don't mind clicking on everything that pops up while they're surfing. I've told them before to be careful of ads, clicking links and downloading stuff--but all for naught.

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  19. Billy New Member


    Ha ha. I've been there with my Dad. He thinks that he knows more then he does, and whenever he has a problem with his computer, he'll ask me to take a look at it. I'll ask him if he's opened any emails from people who he doesn't know, and he says, "No", but he's got that look on his face where you can tell that he's lying because he's embarrassed. You know that look when a five year old tries to lie, but you can see right through it?

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