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Do You Use Ie?

Discussion in 'Web Browsers' started by danielle davidson, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I know that some people on here have said that they still use IE. I know that I have been told by people who work with computers and laptops that it will give you viruses. It doesn't surprise me in the least. I also know that's a very slow browser. That is one of the main reasons why I decided that I would switch. So, do you still use IE?

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  2. vtech New Member


    Microsoft Edge that has been introduced with Windows 10 is way better than good old IE. Obviously there are still many users who are using IR so when we design any website we always make sure that it open perfectly on IE as well so for cross browser compatibility we use it to check.

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  3. 111kg New Member


    Yes, I use it, but not for my personal use, but for the tasks at work. Usually, whenever I have to make a usability test, Internet Explorer is the first thing that's tested, mainly because most of the websites have problems with this browser.

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  4. rabst New Member


    As I just mentioned in a recent thread, IE is one of the browsers that will run Unity Web Player's games. Sure, there are other available browsers that will also run them; but that gets to the main reason I have.

    Convenience. IE was the browser that was loaded on my computer when I got it; and while I'm probably 'proficient' enough to load the new browser, make it my 'default' (as I have with Chrome) and erase IE, it's too much of a hassle (as opposed to just 'following the simple upgrade-instructions').

    The viruses, I take care of with Ccleaner---a free database-'tidying' program that deletes my temporary-files & unprotected-cookies when I run it a few times a day (where most viruses are ... and I would've called it a 'cleaning' program, but that implies that it erases EVERYTHING---it doesn't usually touch the stuff I personally, manually save.)

    Those files & random cookies might be the reason your computer runs IE slowly, as it reads-&-rereads every one of those files almost every time you ... do anything :rolleyes: That slows your computer by 1) giving it more work and 2) just plain wearing it out. I know it's hard to believe, but computers DO just wear out & get slower when they age!

    Is Edge an OS? Can you download it free to upgrade from Vista?

  5. chinomoreno New Member


    If I am not mistaken it is not called Internet Explorer anymore. I believe that it has been re-branded?

  6. proxy New Member


    Yes i,m using that.Because here in my country all government agency use IE.


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