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DIY, Paid, or both

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by toradrake, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    One of the first questions that come to mind when you site goes up is... how do I get it out there. Do you paid a marketing service, Do it yourself, or both.

    These are my recommendations in each area for you decide for yourself and for others to discuss.

    Bad idea... why? Because you may be counteracting what your paid marketer is trying to do without realizing it. Example... while working for a web design and marketing company in early 2000's, there was a site that we designed that we could not determine why we were having issues getting it submitted into the SE's. The site was even rejected. We checked the coding, checked the design... anything and everything... we checked. Come to find out after speaking with a very ANGRY business owner (I was the unfortunate one to have to speak with him), he made a comment that hit me. He mentioned that he was submitting himself to the SE's also. Eureka! The Search Engines were rejecting and resisting his site because he was posting his site every few days while we were submitting his site every week. This sent out a warning single to the SE's and caused him to get blocked. After I discussed this with him, he discontinued and let us do our job. As a result he quickly became the #1 site under his search terms in Google.

    If you do decide you want to market along side your paid marketer, check with them to make for sure what you do will not counteract with them. If they blog as a promotion technique (as an example) and you want to blog also, make for sure you are not blogging in the same places. If you show up to much in one place it can be viewed as spam and end up hurting the efforts of you and your marketer.

    Before you begin... learn about website marketing first. Don't just jump into it. You could do something that could cause more problems then help. There are so many ways to market your site these days (social media, back links, blogs...the list goes on and on) that it is difficult to keep up if you don't know what your doing. Not to mention.... you can get blocked easily if you make even the simplest mistake. Information is out there to learn the techniques. Forums such as this can help. If you don't understand something, create a thread and ask. Read all the answers until you find a credible one. And make for sure that any source of info you get is from credible sources and not just people who think they know what they are talking about. Look up information on the author. If the author has written articles and is a major marketer... then you may want to listen to them before you listen to someone who has no background in marketing to speak of. Directories are definitely a good place to start, but as I said RESEARCH. Do not commit to any thing without knowing more about them first.

    Do your research! Don't just choose anyone. When I look around I do something that many people think is strange but I'll explain the reason. I do not look at anyone that markets business that are already major names such as Walmart and Target. When I check out a marketer, I check out their client base. Check their placement under my keywords, and see how they are ranked (according to recent intel this will no longer useful) and determine who I want through that method. It is not the ultimate way to decide, but it always worked for me in the past. You have to find your own way to make your decision on this.

    As my intel is a bit out dated on what marketers are good ones to use as it has been years since I've used one, maybe someone here can advise on who they believe would be good ones to look at. However DO NOT just follow their advice. Research before choosing and make for sure they are the right marketer for you and your site.

    Anyone have anymore to add to this?

  2. Converse Active Member


    Since the percentage of scam SEO firms is at least as high as the percentage of junk web directories on the Internet, I would be very careful. That's good advice.

    My wife and I don't advertise SEO or marketing services anymore because it's just too much trouble to compete with the scammers and when I'm dealing with someone I don't know, they might have trouble telling the difference, particularly if they don't get the results they want as quickly as they want it. My wife was doing SEO since before they had a name for it, and her clients included K-Mart, Nokia, and the U.S. Mint.

    We have one large SEO client right now, although it is going to end soon, but this is someone who we've met personally, and have done business with off and on for at least fifteen years. Other than that, I build websites for local clients such as historical societies and other organizations, towns, and businesses. When I take them on, I will sometimes offer to do their SEO work as well, with a clear understanding as to what they will be getting. It helps to know this in advance, because I can build their site with that in mind. Strictly speaking, search engine optimization involves things that are done to the site itself, the rest of it falling within the purview of marketing.

    One thing that I would suggest, if you are going to hire your marketing services out to someone else, is to keep directory submissions within your own hands, and make that clear to the SEO firm that you hire. Many SEO firms, including those who badmouth web directories in the forums and on Twitter, will submit client's sites to web directories because, despite what they would have you believe, they know that it works.

    Believe me, if you are capable of putting together a website that has useful content, you can do a better job of submitting your site to a web directory than any SEO firm. When I review sites that have been submitted by SEO firms, even the better ones who actually do submit manually (most don't, despite what they may advertise), I always have to modify the description and site placement, often giving the site a far more descriptive description than what was submitted, and placing it in a more appropriate category.

  3. SimplySidy Member


    Well, this definitely is one of those FAQs for me as a consultant. ;)

    And to be honest, there is no fixed answer to the Question. It all depends on -
    1. Who is the person in question - a developer or a SEO/Internet Marketing guy or an entrepreneur or even a Team or a single person
    2. What is the person's (in scope) awareness
    3. The Budget and Time Factors

    But yes, I always tend to get inclined with - Do your own thing - as you are the best when it comes to understanding what you do and the why of it. You also are the best who know what your vision is for the site in question and where you want to take it to in say a year from now (or more). No one else can understand that better.

    So if you are unsure of what steps to take, come to me :p (and people like me) - who are consultants and can guide - we analyze the factors, if needed we also suggest you the best possible ways and maybe also from where you can get the skills (mostly for free or within your financial and other constraints)... and then walk your own path.

  4. Billy New Member


    I do my own SEO. I don't like leaving it up to someone else. I'm a member of a few top IM forums and I've seen SEO sales threads where someone (respectable members who know their stuff) offers a service and will basically charge a few hundreds a month and tell people that it will take a few months to rank their site. Then, you have people enter the thread saying that they've been with the service for over 3 months and haven't seen any rank increase. That's a lot of money to waste, not to mention the time that was wasted too. I'd much rather be in control of my own rankings.

  5. toradrake Member


    You and I both... I wrote this to get people to think. The thing is, weirdly enough, there are those out there who can build a website but are clueless to marketing it or how. That is why I typed up this thread up. When someone markets their site, they should first think about the three basic options and what they would entail before attempting to do so. Many designers and business owners are not aware of what marketing entails or that they can do more damage then good if they don't really know what they are doing.
    You are correct in saying the you know best, but the person may not know what is best for them. They may know their business but they have no clue of the internet or marketing on it and can end up killing themselves on it with out realizing until it is to late. My thread was to prompt them to think about which marketing strategy they should take before they just jump into it.

    Consultants are the most valuable asset any company has. They are their eyes and ears as well as their advisors on the best direction to take to achieve their goals, but as you and I both know... not all business' are willing to spend the money on one. Not to mention, some are just plain hard headed and think they can do without.

  6. Converse Active Member


    No one can promise that they will be able to obtain a high rank in the SERPs for a client, at least not without first looking at the site and considering what it is that they want to rank on. Without some control over the content, it is more difficult yet. By the way, I am getting $1,600 a month from one client and, while I like the way things are going, I didn't make any promises beyond what I would do. In other words, I can't promise results. Given some control over the content, he is already seeing results but I couldn't promise it.

    As for doing your own SEO and marketing, I strongly recommend it. The very best way to learn your way around it is to experiment with your own sites, determine what works and what doesn't work without putting a client at your mercy. Another argument for doing it yourself is that there are at least as many scam SEO firms as there are crappy web directories.

  7. xTinx New Member


    I would like to agree with the points raised by SimplySidy. The thing is there are individuals who don't know how to market their website or how to rank in search engine results. In fact, it seems that they don't have a clue where to begin. Now, this is where SEO firms and specialists come in. Of course, once those individuals learn the ropes of SEO, then they can take it from there. There are also individuals who have an inkling of SEO but cannot be bothered to work on the details. So they would rather hire and leave it to the staff or outsourced firm while they focus on more important aspects of their business.

  8. SimplySidy Member


    I did provide you and others with my views on my earlier response when I said - "Do Your Own Thing" :) . And I supported it out with - where you can get the information as you are the best person who knows everything about you and your business.

    If you have money, you can hire a consultant or even a team of people who would do the SEO for you(r business). But I normally recommend - avoid hiring people who claim to be SEO Gurus and Professionals - unless you know about SEO. The reason being - most of these self proclaimed SEO Gurus make you alter your websites, get you do things that you might not appreciate and at end, with their near obsolete knowledge you end up paying more and getting less.

    In today's scenario, there are two kinds of entrepreneurs - one set of those whose websites are brands (like maybe Amazon or even say Microsoft or Samsung). They dont neeed to care about SEO as their Brands work for them. They will continue to be on top. On the other hand, there are strugglers - me, you and many millions of others - who are fighting hard to move on to Page 1 or at least nearby the top. Now, these - strugglers - should take initiatives and explore the SEO world on their own as they have financial crunches and also a desperate need to go on to Top Slots. I remember a Quote I read -

    and if you have zero idea of SEO, people out there will take you on rides - after all it is your money :D

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