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Discrimination! (starting With Frustration With Mcdonald's Site's Discriminatory-design)

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by rabst, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. rabst New Member


    It's not 'racial discrimination' (not exactly, anyway) nor exactly 'class, gender-preference, political-lean' or any other "big news"-group that's being discriminated-against, it's Windows Vista users!

    I try to register on their website, but their program WON’T LET ME because (their program says) my browser (IE on Windows Vista) isn’t RIGHT.
    So I open my Chrome browser, and McDonald’s website won’t even DISPLAY on Chrome … maybe it’s because my Chrome has image- and/or script-blockers on, but I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO BOTHER TO CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW … because …
    I go back to their website on my IE, and can’t even CONTACT THEM about it (their "Contact Us"-link leads to an "FAQ"-page ... oh, you can 'contact them about an individual restaurant' or 'snail-mail them a letter'; but tell them that their website is wrong? no can do!)

    Thanks to Bing, maybe I can contact The Corporation, maybe through their Facebook-page or their Twitter-page.

    Or maybe it's just that we Vista-users are now "second-class citizens." Heck, you've heard about the FREE UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10? The free upgrade applies to devices running Windows 7 and 8.1 only! I'm told that Vista-users might as well buy a 'Windows 10 machine" when those come out in a couple months. And I don't even know how XP figures-into the upgrade-hierarchy!

    Is Windows Vista tantamount to 'buying Grandpa an iPod (i.e. knowing he'll never 'use it' right, you don't really pay attention to 'how compatible it is with the new apps')?'

  2. Alunny Member


    It works for me on Chrome, maybe try disabling your extensions sometimes they mess up with it.

    Also you know vista is like the beta version of windows 7 yeah? If you upgrade to windows 7 you'll notice a HUGE improvement in everything and it's much nicer to use. I used to be a huge Vista fangirl myself, but once I tried Windows 7 I haven't gone back. And like hell I am going to do windows 8, but I might consider Windows 10 ha ha :D.

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  3. rabst New Member


    Is Win7 FREE from WinVista? Because that's how I got it (it was on this computer when my grandma gave it to me :cool:)

  4. Alunny Member


    I don't think it is, sorry, but I am certain you can find some cracks or students who will do cheap upgrades (using manufacturing codes, which is how I got mine...someone from MS was friends with my partner at the time and he gave us a code to use on our puters).

    Shop around and see what you can find, vista is nice yes but Windows 7 is so much better. I haven't tried Windows 10 but 8 is a nightmare, don't even try to go there ha ha.

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