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Discussion in 'Meta Search Engines' started by Converse, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Converse Active Member


    The very best search tool that I have ever come across is Copernic. Unfortunately, it is not available for a Mac. It is not free, and it is intended for online research rather than casual web searches. While I was with the ODP (DMOZ), Copernic was the go-to tool for seeding categories.

    While I was an editor there, I made a bet with someone that I could find at least three websites for any locality category, which was the amount that was required in order to start a locality category, and Copernic was nearly always able to find at least three sites for even the tiniest locality. Some of these sites were not the best, but they were the best for that particular category.

    Even when it was unable to find an actual site that related to the search topic, it would be able to find information on it. I was able to find only two sites for one town that I was challenged to so I cheated, and created a site for it using information obtained through Copernic, bought a domain, and put it up.

    Copernic was great though, and I'll probably buy it again for the one PC that we have set up upstairs. There was a free version but the paid version added great value for the money.

    Later... Looking at its site, it appears that Copernic is now focused on desktop and cloud search, which might be useful, but it's not the same as its original product. Their "Copernic Tracker" product might be closer to what they had before, because I could ask it to notify me whenever a new site went up that related to one of the categories that I was specifically responsible for. Actually, it looks like it might be a good SEO tool.

    The old Copernic was closer to a private meta search tool. It resided on your desktop, but it would search every conceivable freeway or alley of the Internet, and it was very good at returning relevant results, ones that it would take me forever to find through the search engines.

  2. Converse Active Member


    Now that I've gotten my interest up again, I see that Copernic now has a meta search online. I don't expect that the online Copernic Meta Search is going to be anything nearly as powerful as its desktop tool was, although I used the paid version, but its About Page does identify it as being associated with the same company. To clarify, this is not what I was talking about when I was raving about it, but I will be checking it out to see if it offers anything of value.

  3. Rainman New Member


    I hadn't heard of Copernic before but after reading your first post, my interest was piqued.

    I decided to try their meta search engine and see for myself if it can get me "OK" results. The only thing I didn't like about it as that they have ads at the top of the page. Unlike other search engines, for the obscure search query I used, I got relevant search results up to page 4. It certainly is one search engine more people should test out.

  4. toradrake Member


    Like @Rainman, my interest was piqued when I saw your thread and I went to check it out. I did a few searches and the searches were pretty good. I noticed that everything was clean and defined in the results, the huge space on the right side makes me wonder how long until they fill it with ad's. I did not see any issues with it and it seems like a good search engine. Of course, I only used it for about 5 minutes and only used a couple of search queries. Takes time and a lot of searching to get the true idea of a search engine. Thanks for the suggestion @Converse.


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