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Cool image generators for you

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by tmgenterprises, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. tmgenterprises New Member


    Here are 20 of the free image generators I shared in my last product, "501 Free Resources for Content Creators". I actually shared something like 68 in the book, but I don't want to overwhelm you here. These are particularly useful to those of us who aren't graphic designers but can't afford to pay for every image we use. Some of these work wonderful for social media posts. Because each one generates an image based on what you tell it or input, that gives uniqueness so you're not using the same exact thing as other people. Hope you find these helpful!

    NOTE: These all worked at the time of original publication, but I did not go through it before posting today so you may find one or two that are no longer there.

    1. http://warholize.me/

    2. http://www.ifaketext.com/

    3. http://www.typoeffects.com/

    4. http://www.makesweet.com/

    5. http://www.caption.it/index.php

    6. http://ruletheweb.co.uk/b3ta/bus/

    7. http://www.glassgiant.com/make_pictures.php

    8. http://www.imagechef.com/

    9. http://memegenerator.net/

    10. http://www.teacherfiles.com/free_word_art.htm

    11. http://vulpeculox.net/misc/onedaycal/index.htm

    12. http://www.customroadsign.com/menu.php

    13. http://www.custommotelsign.com/menu.php

    14. http://says-it.com/

    15. http://www.photo-notes.net/

    16. http://www.sherv.net/flip.html

    17. http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/

    18. http://wigflip.com/

    19. http://www.customreceipt.com/index.php

    20. http://labs.wanokoto.jp/olds

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  2. Converse Active Member


    Okay, some of these are pretty interesting, although I've only looked at about half of them. I've bookmarked a few of them. Number 20 now leads to some Chinese site, however.

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  3. tmgenterprises New Member


    Oh, that's a bummer, although I did expect some of them wouldn't be there anymore after all this time. I will be relaunching the product with these so I'll clearly have to go through each of the links to check them.

  4. NathanG New Member


    I've used #9 before, but other than that, these all seem very original! Although I only visited five or six, they look like they have the potential to be very useful in some upcoming projects I've been planning. :) And #2 looks like it could potentially be useful in some pranks or something of the sort. ;)

    By the way, do you happen to have a link to the book? I would love to possibly buy/read it.

  5. tmgenterprises New Member


    NathanG, I'm afraid it's offline at the moment as I go through it to update it, but if you PM me your email, I can send you a copy of the original non-updated version. It includes two parts - one with resources for content creation and the other has content distribution resources. You'll find some links to be no longer valid, but I believe the majority are fine.

  6. Billy New Member


    That's really cool. I've been looking for something like this a few times for different projects, but had no idea that something like that was available.

  7. mdaudali New Member


    Wow, these are really cool, thanks for sharing! This was something I was hoping to use in one of my projects, but couldn't actually find anything. I've bookmarked a few for later projects.

  8. starlight22 New Member


    Oh that is very cool and thank you for this list of free image generators. It's nice for people to have this for projects that they are working on or for posting on social media. I find the information on your post really helpful and these will come in handy for many others especially if someone is searching for images and can't find too much.

  9. tasha New Member


    This is terrific! Thanks for this because unless I take the pics myself I usually have a problem with my articles as I always have to find images that have not been used. It is time consuming and it is wonderful that you can click and say what you would like. I wouldn't mind having all my photographs originally added but with so many articles and having to have 5 or 6 on each, this could take more time than writing the actual article. I have actually checked out most of these and thank you!!

  10. Scorp Member


  11. oldwriter New Member


    Thanks for those TMG & Scorp, they are a cool addition :cool:

    Speaking of cool... I also enjoy www.cooltext.com and some similar sites:


    I've found myself saved by online text generators more than once when away from my main desktop computer (where all of my graphic editing and programming software are installed).

    I know for a fact those sites can be more than time-savers, they can be LIFE savers ;)

  12. xTinx New Member


    I stick with Pixlr, Picmonkey and Photoscape since they're the easiest programs to use. I do struggle with Photoshop from time to time because I am not an expert at using it. Hopefully, I'll get better in time. Photoshop has a comprehensive interface and you can do more with it than online image generators.

  13. Shamzblueworld New Member


    I never really found these generators any good, they can be pretty dumb mostly, but if it works for some, great. Thanks for sharing

  14. JamesDavid Member


    Some of these are pretty interesting, although I've only looked at about half of them.

  15. Alex Mike New Member

    Alex Mike

    I visit that site and make a from this cartoonyourself.us


  16. Hannah Riff New Member

    Hannah Riff

    That looks like that chick from Frozen lol


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