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Conflicting Information About Link Building

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by toradrake, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


  2. Converse Active Member


    According to Google spokespeople, they would like to remove links from their algorithm and tried it once, but the results were disastrous, so links still matter, and are likely to for quite some time.

  3. toradrake Member


    That is what I thought. I knew there was no way they would eliminate backlinks. It would screw everything up for them as well as the webmasters.

  4. Rainman New Member


    The information shouldn't be conflicting. Google, from what I've read, was very much against "unnatural linkbuilding."

    As a webmaster all you needed to do [or rather, what Google expected you to do] was post content on your site and wait for others to link to you if they liked your content. However for a relatively unknown site, getting such backlinks would take a really long time so many webmasters try to find ways to go around the "rules", build backlinks themselves and occasionally, when they are discovered pay the ultimate price for the violations.

    I wonder though whether, in the distant future, as they improve their search algorithms they'll stop using links as a ranking factor.

  5. Converse Active Member


    I'm sure they are working on it but, without links, that would require an automated system of judging the quality of content, so I don't see it being done effectively anytime soon.

  6. Scorp Member


    I think it's a good thing.

    I mean, that's one of the ways that their algorithms can determine if a site is a good one or a bad one.

    Now, what I think as the best way to build backlinks is to try and emulate what legit backlinking would be.

    What would that be?

    Well, legit backlinks are those that other people build to your site because they want to use your article/post as a reference. So trying to emulate that would be optimal.

    Forum posting and especially blog commenting can't be as effective, because they can know that you're probably spamming your own links there, but your links appearing on various websites in posts, that's the best thing to do if you ask me...

    Only problem is, that's not easy to do unless you have a ton of your own sites and write on a ton of writing sites, or if you know a lot of people online with websites who would build backlinks to you to help you out.

    Ultimately, the best thing is to write super-quality content that people will want to share around and link to...

  7. Converse Active Member


    Unfortunately, most people who do this do it horribly, through forum spam. One of the things that my wife and I do for clients is to get them links in relevant forums, but not as spam.

    Except in forums that are so badly managed as to be useless when it comes to a link, forum spam is deleted almost as soon as it's posted. In order for a link to stay, the person leaving it has to become a member of the forum, participating productively in forum discussions. When an opening presents itself, where a link can be left as an answer to a legitimate question, it is left. Otherwise, the conversation can be brought around to where it might be appropriate.

    This can take weeks of several lengthy, well thought-out posts but, in the end, the result is that the person leaving the link has paid for it by adding useful content to the forum that he is leaving it on. As a personal practice, I make a point of answering some questions with links to sites that are not my client, and I don't leave once I have dropped the link and I never try for more than one. These links will remain in the forums they are posted in, and since they are on-topic in a relevant forum thread, they will produce direct traffic.

    Although I don't use my real name in these forums, I have remained active in some of them, in part because the topics are interesting, but also in the event that I need them again.

    I knew hardly a thing about football, but we had a client who sold football apparel once so I had to learn enough to be able to post intelligently on the subject, and I have also had clients whose products or services related to nursing (as a former paramedic, that one was easy), insurance, and luggage. Of course, whenever I do this, I have to join several forums for each client.

    When someone enters my forum for the purpose of dropping a link, I ask the same thing. If they want to stick around long enough to produce some useful posts before dropping their link, I will allow it to remain. Otherwise, spam is deleted.

    Usually, there are "nofollow" tags associated with forum links, but if they are on-topic, and included in an interesting discussion, people will click on them, providing targeted traffic, and it doesn't hurt to have some "nofollow" links for the sake of link diversity.

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  8. xTinx New Member


    To be more layman about this whole thing, link building would be bad for you if you try to circumvent Google's rules and use black hat techniques (e.g. spamming, crawling, scraping, etc.). Rather than use software to auto post blog comments, just do it manually. Rather than use article spinners, just write content the normal, conversational way. Yes, Rainman got it right. "Unnatural" ways of building links will annoy Google so much.

  9. toradrake Member


    What I do is that I go to different forums and I post about blogs on my blog site. Right now I have two bloggers. Myself and a friend. His specialty is prepping and disaster prep. I am apart of three forums where I can post about that. Whenever he puts a blog up I post about the blog, use quotes from the blog and put a link up. This creates a legit backlink for my blog site which is connected to my forum. It hasn't started drawing traffic much, but I checked in both the Google Webmaster Tools and the Bing Web Master Tools and my site looks really good to them. No errors, good backlinks, and my site is rising. I just need to work on my content a bit.

  10. Jason76 Member


    Obviously, the top websites on Google have many links connected to them. In fact, there is a young site with a high ranking, one that uses one of those newer domain extentions. Obviously it's social sharing, quality content, and authority websites putting it ahead. There can't be any other explanation..

  11. mr_bucks New Member


    If you did what google said, you would never get ranked. Pretty much google puts out statements saying what they would like you to do, some of them they can actually verify, some of them are just scarecrow warnings. The random scrapping and posting links all over the place no longer works, mainly because forums and social networks have better spam techniques.

    The more modern way of doing it is use scrapping to find possible targets, then drop the links in by hand.

  12. Jason76 Member


    I wouldn't even bother with Google. I'm not being cowardly or anything, but it's just way too hard, bordering on impossible. I would focus on other forms of traffic, and do Google last.

  13. xTinx New Member


    Now this is getting more and more confusing. So we shouldn't bother about Google and its rules. We should bother about possible targets through black hat techniques instead. Why does SEO stand for search engine optimization then if we don't even add Google to the equation? Well, it's obvious that nothing is set in stone when it comes to link-building and SEO in general. Whatever floats your boat. I wouldn't completely ignore Google. After all, it has 300 million active users and your targets are all part of this bandwagon.

  14. mr_bucks New Member


    Google likes to pretend it is big brother and it can see all. But even big brother can not see everything. So black techniques are ok, providing google does not see you using them, again common sense applies. So dropping 10,000 link comments on blogs which are not related to your blog with buy viagra in the link is going to get you banned. Going slowly, finding a list of blogs which match your blog, and then dropping good links in if done properly will not get you banned.

    Also now days, if you put something on the net, and there is a link to in from a high PR site, it will get indexed almost instantly by google. Well maybe not instantly but within a few hours. This differs from the past when it would take google weeks to index your site.

  15. xTinx New Member


    Google is just a search engine, there's no need to treat it like the villain in your story. What you're talking about is just part and parcel of the entire SEO picture. There is no concrete method. Different folks adopt different strategies. What may work for you may not work for others. You just have to find your own groove when you're doing SEO.


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