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Compatibility Issue: Cookies For Different Browsers

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by rabst, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. rabst New Member


    I guess this issue has been 'gnawing at the back of my mind' for a little while:

    Sometimes (for a reason we might discuss below) a site won't display on 'my default browser' (Internet Explorer) and makes me use my Google Chrome. But MANY of my 'cookies' (files that--as I understand it--'remember me' as 'signed-into the sites I've signed into this "session" (many of them having "sessions" that last "however-long I keep the cookies on my disk") aren't read by Google Chrome---most-noticeably my Microsoft Bing-cookie, my Facebook-cookie, probably my cookies for many of my forums (I don't even bother checking :rolleyes:).

    But Twitter's cookie DOES carry-over! Granted, I have to use the mobile format on my default browser; but it works just fine for me (as I don't need to be seeing all the 'graphics-enhancements etc.)

    Why is-that/are-those? Why don't all the cookies (or all the sites) work on all the browsers? Shouldn't browser-programs be able to read cookies saved from any other browser? Shouldn't they be able to read ALL online-programming?


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