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Can You Have a Site Re-Listed On DMOZ?

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by Rainman, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Rainman New Member


    That is if you submitted a site to the open directory and it was approved. However for some reason, the site went offline for a long period of time. In response, since the site wasn't online, it was 'unlisted' from DMOZ. Can one resubmit the same site once it's back online? Or is there no way to have a site which has been unlisted back in the directory?

  2. Converse Active Member


    Best Answer
    Sure you can. If it happens too often, the reviewing editor might opt not to do so. Unlike most directory scripts, a history is kept of any domain that has ever been touched by DMOZ. So if your site was de-listed, there would be a notation of that. If it went down once, and was de-listed, it would probably be eligible for re-listing but if it happened a few times, an editor might figure it's just too much of a problem.

    Relating to the domain history, that is why it is important to not try anything shady on DMOZ because once a notation is made to that effect, other editors will probably opt not to take a chance on it. Editors are removed often for things that even look shady. So when there are negative editor notes left on a domain, it reduces the chances that it will be added to the directory.

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  3. toradrake Member


    Is there a way to prevent from being de-listed so that you would not have that problem?

  4. Converse Active Member


    Choose a server with a high up-time rating, and do everything you can to prevent your site from crashing.


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