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Camera Surveillance Software

Discussion in 'Directory Announcements' started by aymen3571, May 30, 2016.

  1. aymen3571 New Member


    1. Often most of us focus on the protection of data on your computer and the same encryption to forget that with the help of computers and software can protect other things. One of them is our property or apartment, house, work space and the like. In the market there are countless commercial solutions that you can buy, install, and say that you protect a certain area. This is true but such packages for control can cost 1,000 euros to several thousand euros, and some much more. It depends on how complex and sophisticated security system buying. Well, let’s say for protection at home do not need the most expensive system. However, such security systems can make yourself. Or for very little money, you can make a video surveillance system, and will cost you very little or even nothing. Depends what of network equipment and camera own. If you have a webcam, Wi-Fi network and a good router, with certain software, you can do whatever you want. Well, not all, but many more. PYSoft you for it offers a solution 8264
    2. http://www.pysoft.com

  2. Aminur Rahman New Member

    Aminur Rahman

    Before having a software the key fact is to consider that how efficient your software is. I needed a MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE to manage my hotel perfectly. But every software i tried were too much complicated and having a rough design. Finally I have found a software and till now i am happy with that.


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