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Buying domain names

Discussion in 'Domains' started by Shan Barton, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    I have been considering to buy a domain name for a specific business niche. This is after trying to create some of my own only to find that they already exist. After doing some research, I found a few considerable ones being sold but I am really skeptical about them because of the unreliable source. Would you rather buy one or just try and create one that fits your niche?

  2. SimplySidy Member


    What do you imply by the "unreliable source"? As far as I know, if a domain can be booked, it finally gets done via registrars and registrars are legal authorities. Hence, I have to ask you for details.

    Also, you mention that the ones you are looking for are already in existence. This means, if you have to get them, you would have to do it via agents (I know, GoDaddy allows some on these services and GoDaddy should not be unreliable source), or maybe you are speaking of something else.:confused:

  3. jblogger New Member


    If you are looking for an existent site you should take a look at flippa. It's a marketplace for websites that are already up and running. Maybe there's something you are interested in. That way there's no risk of buying from an unreliable source because it all takes place at flippa.

  4. Billy New Member


    If I understand your question you're asking about wither buying an already established domain or whether you should register a fresh one?For me personally, I'd prefer the idea of registering a new domain, because I like to start fresh and I'd be worried about the one that I bought having a checkered past.

  5. David Smith New Member

    David Smith

    Make it short, so it's catch so people will able to find it easily. Make it a .com domain that is the domain that people use the most. It's really up to you but how about the price too?

  6. chasedood New Member


    I agree for you to check out Flippa. Myself, I like to try and come up with something original and make a name for myself with it. It's very satisfying when you can accomplish it!

  7. orocot New Member


    Depends on the niche really. If there is a domain name that is for sale, say on flippa or something and it fits my niche and going for a reasonable price then yes I would buy it. That been said though, if the current owner is asking for some stupid price then I would rather just create my own and start a fresh.

  8. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I would have to say that you should just buy a new one. I mean why just buy one for the niche? I'm sure that you would get more people on your site if you do just buy a new one. I'm sure that the main thing that you're worried about is getting people. So, it would just be a good idea to buy a new one and then go from there.

  9. vtech New Member


    there are many websites from where you can check domain availability and register at same time. So whats the hassle than?


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