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Brilliant Directories Review

Discussion in 'Directory Scripts/Themes' started by supercarbon, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. supercarbon Member


    There was a good thread going on the previous Web Directory Forum about Brilliant Directories. If you were a past user of Brilliant Directories and posted on the web directory forum previously, lets use this thread as the new location for providing our reviews.

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  2. Converse Active Member


    I am still hoping to be able to recover, if only for archival purposes, that and some other good threads we had going before but, in the meantime, please re-post your experiences with Brilliant Directories, as that was certainly one of our more useful threads.

  3. supercarbon Member


    Converse, let me know when you recover the thread if it's possible. I will write up a detailed review in the near future explaining my issues with Brilliant Directories to add to the forum but figured getting this thread rolling again is a start. I know others will be adding to this thread in the near future.

  4. Converse Active Member


    Elsewhere on the board, I posted a detailed explanation of what happened and where it looks like we're going to be able to go from here, but my concentration right now is going to be on breathing some life into this forum.

  5. Fifty New Member


    Can I ask for an ignorant person's explanation of what Brilliant Directories is for/does? Their website is just to sell the product and not explain what it actually does.

  6. supercarbon Member


    Not sure what you mean Fifty, it tells you right on their homepage. "
    Start A Profitable Directory Website
    Build online directory websites that generate revenue. Launch in seconds!"

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  7. supercarbon Member


    To all of you that have used or are using Brilliant Directories: was your directory "launched in seconds"?

    I know mine took several weeks. Did anyone else have this happen with Brilliant Directories?

  8. fastreplies Original Member



    You've misread what it says in small print:
    If you're not broke yet, you will be after we done with you
    and you finally get the mammoth of mistake you have made.



  9. supercarbon Member


    fastreplies, I totally experienced this first hand haha. I'm sure we'll see more members contributing to this thread in the future.

  10. toradrake Member


    Forgive me for sounding like a buffoon but... why the heck would anyone pay to create something you can do for yourself free? Maybe I am just not getting the concept of their service... It does seem interesting but I can't wrap my head around how you would make money out of it if you were to actually pay for the service in the first place.
    Please someone help my confused mind to understand this whole thing :p.

  11. Converse Active Member


    While there are a few free web directory scripts floating around, most of the real web directories use paid scripts, often heavily modified, and some have a proprietary setup. But you can get some pretty good web directory scripts for not a whole lot of money. Then there is web hosting. If your plans are to build a comprehensive general directory, you aren't going to want to go with shared hosting, although many niche directories can do just fine on shared hosting.

    The largest expense is in actually putting the directory together and maintaining it. This is why it perplexes me when people complain about having to pay a submission fee. Although some people do, it would be rare indeed to find someone who is willing to spend ten years putting together a directory, paying the costs of the software, the updates, the upgrades, and the hosting, plus several hours each and every day, adding sites to it, and foot the entire bill himself.

    For that matter, the better directories employ editors, full or part time, to help maintain and build the directory. I have been working as a directory editor for more than a decade, making a reasonably good living from it, and the owners of these directories are paying my wages.

    People are willing to pay dues in order to join a club, attend a professional ball game, or see a movie. Where on earth do people get the idea that directories are supposed to be charitable works?

    Oh and by the way, if any of you buy into the idea that web directories won't help you build traffic to your site, probably because you've read someone's tweets, or some of the one-liners that the fly-by-night SEO scams post on forums, a lot of the paid submissions that directories receive come from these same self-proclaimed SEO gurus, who submit their client's sites to web directories, taking something off the top for themselves.

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  12. toradrake Member


    Ha! Ha! It is about time someone announced that! Your are very correct also. When I worked for a webpage design company I was told not to mention about directories when giving marketing advice, yet the first place the company submitted to for their marketing package was directories. Directories are a great place to submit your site for various reasons and SEO is only one of them.

  13. Mad New Member


    Worst customer service ever!! I'm so glad I found this site. I thought it was me. They kept making me feel like it was all me and the way I was asking for things. Like fixing problems that shouldn't be problems. I'm almost a month in with NO competed site. I don't have the time or thousands of dollars to throw in the towel now. What should I do? Can I hire someone from the outside to fix it. Is it just a launch issue or will there be problems down the road? I would hate to have problems after people were paying me.

  14. Converse Active Member


    Welcome to the forum! Would you like to elaborate on the problems you've had?

  15. Robert Ryanson New Member

    Robert Ryanson

    Hi Mad, fascinating to hear your experience. It looks like a great service. Their training is extremely thorough. Although the sales person I'm speaking too just wants to make a fast sale. But how is the product itself? Honestly, it's cheaper to pay their annual fee than to pay a developer for months of time to solve the same problem that has already been solved hundreds of thousands of times. If their service works... What's the onboarding experience like with the "coaches"?

  16. supercarbon Member


    From my experience, you should cut your losses and move on to a different solution. Those losses add up quick! I used Brilliant Directories for several months, they'd say all kinds of things to keep you on board. It was one problem after another. As soon as you think it was fixed, something else was broken. Mad, how long did they say it would take to get your site up?

  17. jdroc New Member


    LMAO, yeah these gurus are the funniest people I've come across on the internet. They come with the FB ads, fancy landing pages, the cool copy, but it never seems to make sense after you cut through all the bells and whistles. It really annoys me. You just have to be willing to try and fail on your own, to learn what works and does not work. That SEO stuff seems to be all fluff at this point for me. I think newcomers definitely need to understand that SEO and Internet Marketing are super money making keywords and people will say anything to make a quick buck. It's about shutting down all the background noise and working consistently on your web assets, whatever that might be.

  18. HoldYourHorses New Member


    We've been reviewing directory building sites for our non-profit members' internal use, and had been impressed so far by what appears on the surface to be a great program at Brilliant Directories. The how-to videos seem good, the responses from our chat support questions have been clear and prompt. I've watched a number of their videos, and things seem pretty clear and straight-forward there. Can someone please tell me in more detail what's wrong with their service? We're on the verge of purchasing a full license to their platform.

  19. PaperWeight New Member



    I also was doubtful of choosing any of the directory software solutions out there. I read pros and cons on all of them. I guess there is no perfect solution. I actually switched from one called PremiumPress which at first seemed easy but was hard to tweak for my needs after getting started. For some it might work fine.

    Brilliant Directories has worked out great for my team's needs. We have two directories with them and beyond needing help with a few things we did not know how to edit ourselves, we're pleased with them so far. Sometimes they are a little slow to respond to emails, but they have gotten back to us each time. Overall I am very happy with the directory software and the people who work at Brilliant Directories. But I'm sure it will be different for everyone based on your needs and goals. I demo'd 3-4 different directory softwares before choosing Brilliant Directories.

  20. Aranck New Member


    I'm a new customer at BrilliantDirectories.com . First, if you delve into the ownership of the company, their corporate headquarters is a rent-a-mailbox in Encino California, although they work hard to pump up their image. The workforce is offshore. These are significant considerations if you are hostage to their software, which you are. When they say they are your partner, that seems to be the case. Their "coaches" avidly sell additional expensive products such as a scrape of Manta, claiming it is legal (which it is not according to Manta terms, and probably their copyright would hold up), but hey, no problem, their contract makes you responsible for defending Brilliant (along with yourself) against lawsuits:
    You shall defend Brilliant Directories against any claim, demand, suit or proceeding made or brought against Brilliant Directories by a third party alleging that Your Content, or Your use of the Service in violation of this Agreement, infringes or misappropriates the intellectual property rights of a third party or violates applicable law, and shall indemnify Brilliant Directories .... accessed Jan 21, 2015. I'm new here, they won't let me post the link; ditto for Manta.​

    Hope this helps in your decision, HoldYourHorses. I so love the features Brilliant Directories offers that I hate to write them off, and some people may be able to work things out with them. I'm looking for alternatives, be they scripts (doubtless that cost) or services.

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