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Best Way To Monetize a 'Small' Site?

Discussion in 'Monetizing' started by Rainman, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Rainman New Member


    Small sites don't get much traffic. Or at least, the kind of traffic these sites get wouldn't make much money for the owner if they rely solely on ads as their primary monetization method. The good thing about such sites though is that they can draw in laser-targeted traffic from search engines and can for that reason make some good cash from affiliate marketing, commissions earned from referrals, etc, etc.

    However, since affiliate marketing can't work for every site, would you please share some good ways small sites can generate revenue other than from ads, that is?

  2. Billy New Member


    Is AdSense an option? Depending on the niche, you can make some pretty good money.

  3. calebmelvern New Member


    Your question is too broad. What exactly do you mean by a small site? I have several sites that are small in terms of number of articles, and they all earn good money from affiliate commissions. Monetizing a site isn't so much about its size; it has more to do with your niche, your target market, and your methods of driving traffic.

  4. toradrake Member


    I was about to ask the same thing. A sites size never makes a difference in any aspect of its marketing, even with social media. Are we misunderstanding what you are saying, possibly?

  5. Jill Original Member



    Its unclear if, by small, you mean the amount of content in the site or the niche. If the latter, while a niche topic won't draw in a large number of visitors, those who come are usually more motivated, so if you're offering products that relate to the niche, they should sell.

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  6. CyberGal New Member


    I have a lot of "small" sites, by this I mean that they don't get a lot of traffic quite yet. I've been using them to send traffic back and forth from a rev share site. It's been working for me as I get the traffic circling in and out of my few small sites. I think that over time this system will work for me but only because I know and trust the owner of the rev share site. Of course, this isn't for everyone but it's the best way I've been able to monetize things as I've tried with different sites throughout the years and gotten nowhere unfortunately.

  7. Rainman New Member


    Since almost everyone is saying "small" is too broad a term allow me to clear this up.

    The reference ["small"] was to sites that don't get much traffic. Any site that gets less than 100,000 page views a month, technically is a small site regardless of the size. Even if that isn't so, we'll replace "Small" with "low traffic" site for now.

    Keep the suggestions coming! The question was: how would you monetize such a site since ads won't earn you much money?

  8. Jill Original Member



    Why are you assuming that ads won't make you much money? I guess we could qualify that further by asking how much money you'd have to make in order for you to consider it to be much money? If you don't have a lot of traffic, you probably won't be able to retire off of the income from that one site.

    If you don't have a lot of traffic, that could either be because 1) your site sucks; 2) you haven't optimized and marketed it correctly; or 3) it's a niche topic. If your site sucks, you will need to make it less sucky, and if you haven't optimized or marketed it efficiently, then you'll need to learn how to do that.

    Otherwise, if the problem is that it's a niche site, that's not really a problem. When they are done right, a niche site may not see a whole lot of traffic but the traffic it receives is motivated to buy or to click, or to do whatever it is that you want them to do. Most people who have niche sites have done that either because they enjoy the topic and they're not really interested in making a fortune from it, or they have more than one niche site.

    If you don't have anything of your own to sell, niche sites should do well with affiliate sales, assuming that they match the niche topic, and it might make sense to include an AdSense block, but don't overwhelm your potential audience with ads.

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  9. SimplySidy Member


    Hi @Rainman, glad to see you here and we meet again :)

    I dont buy this theory of Small or Big site. It depends on how you use your site.

    1. My website was static (as you know) for over 2 years and had only 25 pages. Even today, though I finally migrated to Wordpress, I have no content on my blog.
    2. As for traffic - it never has ever crossed 450 visits a month (and this number too has been reached only twice or thrice and that too over a year back, sometime in 2013).
    3. I neither have any Adsense on it nor any kind of adverts on my website as I dont find them appropriate and fit on my site.

    This means, my website should never have earned me any money.

    But, I made $1500 in 2012 and $ 1200 thus far in 2014 from it. How ? Well, when contacting prospects for my work, they always asked me about my skills, my own site, my own style of writing and as you are aware, I had almost wiped out my identity from the Internet - at least when it comes to owning blogs, forums etc. I show my clients my website first and then from here on they find my recent works and other needed information.

    Agreed, the amount I have made is not big from the perspective of many, but I still am happy. I have my own health issues and constraints owing to them, no one around, locally, will hire me. And without my website I would never have been able to make any money. I also know, Adsense or Adverts do not fetch this amount to many during a year. Agreed, some are exceptions and do really good with them.

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  10. Billy New Member


    What niche is it in? I had a site a while back (that was hit by a rather large Penguin) which only had about 50 daily visitors, but because of the niche, it was averaging $10 a day.

  11. NathanG New Member


    Wow, I just had to say that's a great amount of money for the amount of visitors you were getting! That's about twenty cents per visitor! With that amount of money, some more popular websites could potentially make a ton of money. Do you mind sharing what they niche of that website was? I am just very curious. :)

  12. Billy New Member


    It was the medical niche.

  13. Rainman New Member


    Well, it's a very competitive niche — movie reviews.

    I don't know why but the CPC rates for ads placed on such sites are very low. To make any money from ads your site needs to get thousands of visitors a day. And with illegal downloads all over the net it would be really hard for most netizens to click on ads trying to get them to buy DVDs, for example.

    I was a Fandango affiliate for a little while but didn't make [me] any money at all.

  14. Billy New Member


    Yeah, I'm not surprised about the CPC. The best niches are the medical niche, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, etc. I know of guys who are getting thousands of visitors daily, but because of their niche, they're only making a few bucks a day. If you want to make some good money, you really need to get into a better niche.

  15. ducklord Member


    Well, since I haven't made a single buck in all those years, would anyone be interested in checking my site, unregistered dot gr, and telling me if a) it sucks, b) I haven't marketed it correctly ("I haven't marketed it at all" would be a more truthful answer) or c) it's a niche topic (it is, computers and gaming and action movies, usually scifi or superhero stuff, "all the stuff a geek should be interested in"). The fact that we're in Greece, a country with about 11 million people, with only about half of them online and a single-digit percent of them calling themselves "geeks" also doesn't help. At. All.

    I didn't create it to get rich, but I was hoping that I would pull in enough geeks to be able to then pull advertisements from, say, comic book stores, e-shops selling PC hardware and consoles, that kind of thing, to make a basic living. I haven't made a single buck, as I've already said.

    If you visit it you probably won't understand the content itself, since it's Greek - I can assure you the articles are properly written, since both I and my co-blogger have worked professionally writing the exact same kind of articles for magazines. But we don't know zits about SEO and "what we should do to make dadamnthang successful / monetize it". Although you won't be able to understand the content, you can understand "what it's about" from the pictures and the English terms we're using (Google is still Google in Greek, as is Facebook, computers, hacking, Spider-Man)...

    Is there any hope or should I just give up on it?

  16. Scorp Member


    Honestly, I have 1 small blogger humor site, and the best monetization method I've found for it is actually Adfly's Popup ads XD

    I know, I know, don't attack me hehe

    First I tried Amazon in the sidebar, I got a few clicks, no sales. Then I tried some banners with Chitika, nothing came out of them. I got impression, but no clicks. And then I added the popup adfly script, and it makes a couple of cents per month.

    Now, that's sort of pathetic, but it's a blog I haven't touched in over 6-7 months now. No new content, almost no sharing it/promoting it anywhere, and it still brings in a few cents per month on autopilot.

    So if you ask me, it's a good of a thing as any to test...

    And it doesn't have to be adfly, there are other popup and popunder networks out there. But some of them may be hard to get into with a small site, while Adfly is a piece of cake to get into and start using/profiting from.

  17. ducklord Member


    @Scorp Please, do tell us about it! :-D

    No, really, I'm sincerely interested - 'cause I created and run a "humorous blog" for more than a year and it, again, didn't make a single dime! What's your blog and, if that's not getting to personal (it isn't, it isn't, tell us, tell us!), how much do you earn through it / from how many visitors?

    Share the knowledge, man! Our awesome politicians may manage to throw Greece out of the EU, and I'm desperately trying to find ANY means of income from abroad! If I have to build a fleet of humorless humor blogs on blogger, so be it! I need some income, pronto. My pasta's getting more expensive by the day - and don't even ask about the pizzas! :-D

  18. Scorp Member


    Well, all right. Here it is: http://seriouslyfunnyhumor.blogspot.com/

    That has about 50 posts on it, more or less. A twitter account, facebook page, google+ account, pinterest account, and it's actually my oldest/first blog I ever created and on which I learned All of my Blogger knowledge. I got mad love for this blog :D

    And I plan on posting again at some point in 2015, I wanna make 2015 great, but I'm not one of those - it's the end of the year, new life next year, blah blah - people... haha

    So, you may see some ads there in the sidebar too, but those are pretty much useless, no one clicks them, and I'm thinking of removing them.

    As far as the popups go, here's what it does, pretty much on autopilot without even posting new content, however, the facebook page and twitter accounts are active with content going out from time to time, more or less.

    • $0.03278

    • $0.03883
    So where does that leave us? Make 10.000 of them to make $300 per month? Although, as I said, the blog has been dead for over 6 months, no new posts happening, and it only has 50 posts on it, so it's not really enough. Surely, if I posted more content it would get more traffic and make some more money.

  19. toradrake Member


    I read through the post and I don't remember seeing this suggestion (sorry if it was there, just did not see it.) One suggestion I would make is becoming an Amazon Associate and adding a link from the review to where they can buy it on Amazon. If you had the money to do it I would even suggest getting a merchant account with a DVD warehouse and sell the movies directly from your site. Some of the DVD warehouses even have drop shipping so you would not have to keep merchandise in house or have to bother with orders. You just get your cut wired to you.

  20. SimplySidy Member


    Been there and done that. And yes, this can be lucrative if you really know good about movies. I did also try setting up an e-store to sell Amazon Products via this Associate thing. But in the long run, after around 6-8 months of trying hard, I realized, I was not doing the right thing. I come from India, had my base of visitors from India and those years (around 2010-11) we were not into buying much online. Today, there are many e-stores selling almost everything online and they spend a hell of money on Adverts - right from tele channels, to national and local newspapers and online. During the later part before I shutdown those sites, I did try marketing in US and UK - but as I was new for these markets back then, it (the website) never lived to see the results. Eventually, I migrated to other things I offer on my own website and the better focus helped me and my website. So I did not bother returning back to Amazon.


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