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Question Best Niche?

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by Rainman, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Rainman New Member


    I've heard it said that you should choose to blog about something that you know well and . . . like. This would keep you from running out of steam once when you don't make money as fast as you expected. But supposing someone wants to go straight into making money from the net. They have little bit of money to pay for content and they are willing to take a risk even if it means losing the money they put in.

    Which niche is the most profitable? Someone told me the real estate niche can make some quick cash. Is there something better?

  2. CyberGal New Member


    I think that it would be really hard to say what niches are most profitable. There are so many different factors that go into things. I think part of the reason why they say that we should create blogs that are of interest to us is that we are more knowledgeable in those areas. When we share our knowledge and come across as an expert then people will want to come to our blog and stay there to see what we have to say. This will eventually contribute to our bottom line.

  3. Arianna New Member


    Real estate huh? I believe that. I just read about a writer who will not do the content mills. He sells to real estate agents. He calls them on the phone and makes around $100 per write up. Sounds a little high to me but maybe that is reasonable. Maybe 1,000 words. Easy work too they feed you the info. The blogs though. I am not sure it has to do with a niche. I think as long as you generate the traffic by constantly posting quality content. You can get the Adsense eventually. This is all that matters. Its funny though cause everything boils down to real estate. A lawyer who specializes in real estate makes the most money or the agents. Flipping makes people a lot of money. I would think if you surfed the blogs any blog and just look for the ones with ads on them. Maybe this would give a stat on which subjects. If they don't have ads they are not making money. I think if you create a blog that has multiple areas of interest. Whatever yours are and just pump out the content. If the traffic is there then apply for Adsense.

  4. Alunny Member


    Best Answer
    I think you shouldn't ask what the best niche is, but how you can be the best in the nieche....it doesn't matter what nieche you pick that way. For example my niche is (mostly) writing. I know where writers are online and how to reach them (especially via Twitter) and due to that I can drive traffic to my site. If my site is working on being the best in the nieche then they will keep coming back and share it too.

    You should know where your audience is on Twitter and engage with them (not tweet to them, actually converse and join in - plug to be helpful not to plug and they will click).

    You should know what blogs and other websites are at the top of their lists and most trusted. See if you can do a guest blog or join their site and post helpfully to give yourself a bit of a reputation and also to get your name out there.

    If you definitely want money then I would DEFINITELY pick something you love. It's too hard to keep at it if it's work, and you will drain very quickly writing content you don't care for. If you're passionate about it searching for information, being at the cutting edge of your niche, knowing what events etc are going on...it becomes something you already know and people will come to you for information because you've already got it.

    Also check out Fiverr.com for things you can't do like banner ads, website templates, etc as well to help you get started. The more professional you look the better, and the less you have to worry about the better! :D

  5. Billy New Member


    I think this is the reason that the health niche is so saturated, because everyone assumes that it's the most profitable. But what would you rather? Selling a product that is worth $30 to an over saturated niche, or entering a niche with hardly any competition, but has an average selling rate of hundreds of dollars?

  6. Alunny Member


    There's often a reason those nieches do not have competition and that is usually because it lacks a market/audience or is extremely targeted to a specific audience and there is not much room to expand or grow a profit.

    The health nieche is probably so "saturated" because it's always on peoples minds. It's like toilet paper. We need information so people spread it round. The problem with this is you get a lot of "alternative" sites which are quite dangerous and they often make a living off of selling herb pills like St Johns Wort for depression and a bunch of herb extracts to reduce stress, help you sleep, clear your mind, etc etc etc. That might seem harmless but I've seen people die because they used these pills instead of getting proper treatment for their illnesses.

    I don't think you should gage it based on product price and selling amount. If I have 2 products, 1 is $100 and the other is $5, I could still end up earning more off of the $5 product because it's well priced in the competitive market, I've presented myself well, I know my stuff and appear trustworthy, and perhaps I have some other perks that those other sellers don't give. Not to mention if I have a product for a nieche that is not very saturated I run the risk of losing out because the nieche could be unpopular. You really really really have to research your niche.

  7. LitoLawless New Member


    I think this my be a bit bias, but I think the best niche is anything that is relative to music. As a music blogger, I find it pretty easy to write about things that I listen to , nd I find that people can describe music quite easily. Another good one will be giving information about your city that people probably don't have.

    In all honesty, the best niche is the one that you are most passionate about. The term "best" is pretty subjective unless we bring statistics into the picture. Just keep things simple, write about what YOU are best at, and aim to be the best at it.

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