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Aviva vs BOTW

Discussion in 'Directory Reviews' started by toradrake, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    I decided on a whim to visit these two directories and review them on a users stand point. Although they both are very good directories, there were a few things they could have changed.

    Aestictically, Aviva is the nicer looking site. BOTW is TOO plain and bright whereas Aviva was easier on the eyes. However, search results wise... BOTW got Aviva beat by a long shot. BOTW search results were cleaner, easier to distinguish one result from another with good spacing between each result. Aviva's, other then the link to separate them, looks like a long list of words on a page with very little spacing between the results. It took me a moment to notice there is a darker gray line in between each result from the gray background. So you can't really tell it is there unless you really look.

    If BOTW were to dress up their site better, they were by far be the better site in my eyes from a users stand point.

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    Although it makes sense to judge a search engine that way, you can't really judge a directory by its search capabilities alone, however. Although most (not all) directories include a search feature, a directory is not a search engine. The usability of ever part of a web directory is fair game when it comes to judging its worthiness, but its search feature is but a small part of that. Is it attractive? Is it easy to read? Do its categories, subcategories, and organizational structure make sense? Do its categories have good sites? Do the links work? What other features does the directory have that might be useful, such as an active blog, useful (not spun) articles, category descriptions, or other useful stuff? Both Aviva and BOTW are good directories and I'm not arguing that BOTW might be the better one. It's been around longer and it's bigger.

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  4. toradrake Member


    @Converse, thanks for the video. Great information. LOL it was as if the guy did not want to answer the question at first.


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