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Are you waiting for a certain new extension to become available?

Discussion in 'Domains' started by oldwriter, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. oldwriter New Member


    There are many new gTDLs:

    iwantmyname .com/domains/new-gtld-domain-extensions

    For the technology field we can see the likes of: .app, .cloud, .computer, .data, .systems, .click...

    Even .technology is there.

    Nonetheless, I'm personally waiting for .tech to become available to see if I can snatch some “like to have” domains.

    .technology is ready for registration right now, but in my view .tech's where the technology domains are going to be. The shorter the better.

    More likely both extensions are going to be needed to protect the name, but I don't want to register .technology until being sure about the matching .tech

    ...Are you waiting for any specific new domain extension to become available in your field?

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  2. Converse Active Member


    I've registered some .directory and .reviews domains but I haven't done anything with them.

  3. Billy New Member


    Meh, I don't really see the big deal with domains, to be honest. I have seen some interesting and creative names that used the .me extension and others, but it's not really something that I care about enough to buy based solely on the extension. Most of the time, if I have a domain name in mind and it's not available, I'll just come up with someone else. I've never been the type who will go and find the owner and make them an offer, I find that to be ridiculous.

  4. ockham New Member


    Some of these new gTLD's are absolutely wild. Apparently ".website" is a thing now. Can you get any more meta? :D

    As for me, I'm happy to stick to plain ol' .com, .net, and .info.

  5. toradrake Member


    The thing about TDL's that everyone knows of the .com, .net, and .org, but when you use other TDL's you have a chance of losing a member/customer/viewer. The reason I say this is lets say your web address is walmart.store and the person can't remember the store part so they will automatically type in either .com, .net, or .info. They will end up at another store and may like them better. Customer lost. I think there should be TDL;s for each profession and category of site and it should be a requirement that sites use the TDL that is appropriate for their site, but I have to look at the practicality of the situation.

  6. Rainman New Member


    I'm not waiting for any new gTLDs to become available. For a little while I considered registering a .ninja domain name but eventually chose not to because people are used to the .com extension.

    So if I can, I'd rather craft a unique domain name and use the .com TLD. However, once the other gTLDs get to be more popular, I wouldn't mind choosing one that matches the niche of my website. I'm sure that would be good for SEO.

  7. toradrake Member


    As I stated before. I believe that there should be TLD's for each profession or site type and depending on your site type or profession you are required to use that TLD. So if you are looking for a store.... then whatever the name of the store is, you know the TLD is .store rather then having to figure out if it is .com, .net, .biz, .whatever.... It would make life so much easier. It would make it harder on webmasters though because if a name is not available they can't just go grab it under a different TLD. They would have to find another way to write the name.

  8. jblogger New Member


    @oldwriter for tech sites a very popular domain is .IO. The moment it became available a lot of tech sites started poping up. The moment I see that domain I know it's from a tech startup for sure.

    Another popular domain for tech sites is .NINJA, that's a fun one.

  9. Kjordo711 New Member


    I really like '.com', '.net', '.org' and '.info'

    I think that if you have to type a whole bunch of extra information into the end. Much like jblogger, I too have seen some popularity around '.ninja'. The websites that I frequently visit all have the extensions that I aforementioned. I believe that for a website to be successful it can't have a super long extension. Just for initially snatching users, I can only speak for myself but I prefer 'anyname.com' than 'anyname.tutorials' or something of the like. That being said, I think some pretty cool things can be made with new extensions coming out. It can add a lot to the name of the website, as the first part of the website name then can feed directly into the extension.

  10. toradrake Member


    What kind of sites are using the .ninja tlds? I haven't run across any yet.

  11. Jason76 Member


    There is a new extention called .forum which hasn't come out yet. It looks pretty cool, and I might register one. It think of all kinds of cool names for it. Basically, it has the same meaning as .community

  12. kazzak New Member


    Good question, I really can't see any relevant use for it myself. Maybe some obscure app? Although they tend to go with .io anyways.

    But I have seen one in the wild! It was a SEO forum, so go figure, really seemed out of place with that TLD. Like someone said before .io is easy to see on tech sites to be used, but .ninja I just cannot understand. Seems moore like a goofy vanity domain than something that would really be used. But registrars have been practically giving those away now, so I guess that could help their spread and make them - in the worst case - quite spammy TLD's.


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