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Are we seeing the fall of jQuery?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Sly14Cat, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Sly14Cat New Member


    Recently I've been seeing how powerful CSS3 has been as it finally matures and is able to handle most things that would have only been doable by jQuery before. It seems that the library is being phased out as a result. Do you think that we'll see the fall of jQuery as CSS3 becomes more powerful?

  2. SimplySidy Member


    Some Economist said long back - "We are all dead in the long run". Well, going by that, everything that rises has to fall.

    But, there are still some special things to note about jQuery -
    1. Client Side Validation
    2. The Ajax Part - where you don't need to refresh the page after submitting a form
    3. The Dynamic Change of content based on User Input without refreshing the Page (like hiding and showing divs or content when a link or button is clicked)

    These things are either not covered by CSS or are not yet fully implemented across all browsers in use today.

    Also, CSS is primarily for controlling the Look and Feel and Layout of a Page - this makes me believe that CSS3 will not get into doing the above that jQuery does efficiently. Agreed, one can use Javascript instead (as jQuery is all Javascript) but then, jQuery is more easy to implement as compared to Core JavaScript.

    Personally, I do not think that CSS will take over jQuery anytime.

  3. oldwriter New Member


    Sly, I don't think CSS3 will kill jquery in every field right away. You may have some scripts becoming irrelevant thanks to it, but jQuery powers such a large variety of scripts going beyond what CSS3 can do I don't really see it dying as a direct consequence of CSS3.

    Also, I'd relate it with the HTML5 example: some people said HTML5 features would kill flash, but we see flash still being in use due to the fact there are plenty of legacy browsers out there.

    Likewise, there are plenty of legacy code which will still make use of jQuery for a length of time before calling it obsolete.

    We all know the writing's on the wall for flash if its only reason to exist is powering legacy devices. The same way a modern desktop developer wouldn't care about testing in Windows 95, we will eventually see the case of developers who don't mind not having flash or jQuery if they can deliver the same user experience by using only modern standards. It's all a matter of market share of those legacy software pieces. Nobody cares about Netscape these days :)

  4. vtech New Member


    no Jquery only doesnt mean animations. So comparing it with CSS 3 is a joke. there are other advantages also like implementing ajax with jquery etc.


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