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Anyone Knows Of A Services Exchange Site?

Discussion in 'Online Communities' started by Scorp, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Scorp Member


    Does anyone know of a website where people can exchange services for services?

    For example, I need a few things done on a website of mine. It's php stuff mostly. It's nothing too complicated, I'd say, but I can't afford to spend money.

    So I got the idea that maybe there's some forum online or marketplace where people can exchange services for services. Like, I can offer social media followers/likes/shares etc, eBooks, PLR Articles, Graphics, iMacros, stuff like that.

    So does anyone know of any online community or website of some sorts where people can go and ask for some job done for them, and offer something in return other than money - like another service?

  2. jewelraz New Member


    Interesting concept but I never heard any website offering services exchange. We can provide you on page SEO services but in return what would we get from you? How many followers/likes/shares would we expect?

  3. Scorp Member


    Well, I don't need SEO services. Thanks though. I need some programming/php work done for some specific things I want to implement on my site. Nothing major, but still, out of my knowledge, so I can't do it myself.

    I guess the transaction would be where you would tell me how much you would charge me for the work beforehand, and then I would tell you how much of whatever you need I can give you for that amount. You could also see my website where I sell social media services to get an idea about my prices, and calculate how much of what you could get from me for the work you would do for me.

    Of course, I would give you more than the value you give me in the transaction. In other words, I would deliver more stuff (followers, likes, views, etc) than we agreed, as much as I can.

  4. chinomoreno New Member


    Hmm.. haven't see any forum that offers exchange services, but yours is interesting.
    I suggest that instead of looking for exchange services forums, look for web dev forums where you can share what you have shared here, and maybe someone out there might get interested. :)


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