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Anyone here dislike GoDaddy hosting?

Discussion in 'Directory Operation' started by KenBrace, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. KenBrace New Member


    Does anyone else here dislike the hosting service provided by GoDaddy?

    I'm using it myself and haven't really had any issues.

    I here a lot of people that say their hosting is crap, don't buy from them, bad host, etc.

    Anyone experience this?

  2. dyanmarie25 New Member


    I haven't tried hosting on GoDaddy yet, but I have read some bad reviews about them. However, they are all been countered with good ones too. If it's working well for you, then I guess you've just got to stick to it. Good luck! :)

  3. KenBrace New Member



    The one thing that attracts me to their hosting is the $12.00 for a month with free domain deal. It's an excellent way to start a site for practically nothing when you aren't entirely sure whether or not it will work out. This is assuming you don't go spending a bunch of money on software, addons, etc.

    After the first year is up you will probably be able to tell if it's a success or not. If it is you could either stay with GoDaddy or move to a faster host like HostGator.

  4. Niall95g New Member


    Personally I would not use GoDaddy or any 'large' company. I don't believe that you get the same personal user experience as you do if you use a smaller company.

  5. KenBrace New Member


    Are you speaking from personal experience or just guessing?

  6. xTinx New Member


    I'm not the web administrator of the websites I was working on in the past so I can't say for sure if GoDaddy is bad at hosting. My former boss, an IT prodigy, always used GoDaddy to host our WP sites. He seemed satisfied on the whole and didn't complain even though the hosting rates looked expensive. Personally, I'd rather use Blue Host. It's cheaper and there isn't much fuss around it.

  7. KenBrace New Member


    I've heard a lot of good reviews about Blue Host. I'm also considering Host Gator.

    Do you have personal experience with either of them?

    If so, which one do you think is better? I've heard that Host Gator is very fast.

  8. Niall95g New Member


    @KenBrace - To be honest, I would be quite biased to this question. I own a small web hosting company myself (exhz.co.uk). I launched the website after using GoDaddy and HostGator and 1&1 for a few years. I decided that I did not like the service that they were offering so I opted to set up myself and give others an opportunity. I feel that as an owner of a small webhost, it enables us to provide the end user with a more personal service.

  9. xTinx New Member


    I don't have many problems with Blue Host. So far, it's working the way it should have since we started getting their services. As for Host Gator, I have nothing much to say about its pros and cons because I've never used it. You can check out this site instead. The article compares Blue Host and Host Gator services in terms of plan type, bandwidth, space and so on. You can then decide which one is appropriate for your business.

  10. Allyson Robins New Member

    Allyson Robins

    Yes, me also started disliking it after our major website that was hosted on Godaddy started getting server down outage errors consistently. It was happened because of millions of pages on that site and we were unable to handle it on Godaddy to resolve this server errors. Hopefully as of others i also like Hostgator than Godaddy. Read a review about Hostgator vs Godaddy here inlinehostblogger.com/hostgator-vs-bluehost

  11. Bigtime New Member


    I have a Hostgator VPS after having 2 separate Hostgator shared accounts. The service has been amazing the whole time. I have had sites hosted on Godaddy and had nothing but issues. Lousy Control Panel, restrictive use of MySQL Databases, and just generally slow. Godaddy is a great registrar, but not a good hosting company.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  12. OhioTom76 New Member


    I've had mixed experiences with GoDaddy. Of the clients whose web sites I worked on that were using GoDaddy as their registrar and web host, I found their hosting to be slow. For shared hosting packages they seem to be cramming too many sites on to each server with the hopes they can upsell you to a more expensive package. I also did not like how their control panel for web hosting specifically was buried so deep within the admin area of their site. It's so many clicks from the moment you log in to the point where you drill down to where you need to be that it's a nuisance accessing it.

    On the plus side, I've generally always had a good experience with them as a domain registrar. In fact, just recently I accidentally let a domain renew that I no longer wanted, so I called them up that day to see if they could possibly cancel it. They did without any hassle, and informed me that they have a 5 day grace period for stuff like that, which I felt was really nice of them since other registrars I've dealt with in the past on issues like this, such as Network Solutions, wouldn't budge an inch. Not only that, those screwballs try to auto renew you up to 3 months in advance of your expiration, they can get your money before you cancel them.

    GoDaddy can be rather pushy though in terms of emailing you far too often when you let a domain expire with them. Get ready for a stream of emails warning you about the domain expiring, and pressuring you to renew it.

  13. Sandy Swizz New Member

    Sandy Swizz

    My husband and myself have been using GoDaddy for years and have been nothing but pleased with their service. We really have no complaints! I know with his webmaster account, he has been able to take advantage of some freebies too, along the way.

  14. SLTE New Member


    Oh my lord, is this one ever true. I registered a site with GoDaddy about two years ago, and after a year I didn't wind up using the domain so I set it to expire and left it at that. As soon as I hit a month left until expiration I started getting emails every other day, sometimes every day, trying to pressure me into renewing. I assume their automated emails are set up to blast users until they pay just to unclutter their inboxes.

    Overall, I don't mind GoDaddy too much. Can be a bit slow at times - which is particularly annoying since my sites are predominantly text-based - but I don't think I've ever noticed my sites go down. If they do it's during off-hours anyway.

  15. 111kg New Member


    I've been using Hostgator for 3-4 years now and I've never had a problem. $12.34 may be a bit too expensive when compared with BlueHost, but their support is awesome. Without them, I would still be struggling trying to get rid of malware on some of my websites.


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