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Adfly - Does anyone use it?

Discussion in 'Monetizing' started by Scorp, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Scorp Member


    Does anyone use Adfly to monetize their website?

    I'm sure you've heard of it, and I'm even more sure you've run into one of their ads at some point.

    It's mostly used by people sharing monetized links around; it's those links that make you wait 5 seconds before being able to click Skip and be directed to your destination.

    There are other sites like Adfly out there as well, like LinkBucks, and many others. But Adfly and Linkbucks are the most legit ones that have proven that they actually pay.

    I only use Adfly however, that's why I'm asking about it. I'm interested in other people's experience with monetizing a website?

    They have a few ways of monetizing a site. One is popup ads, also a banner that appears on top of your site upon entry, and then there's the ad that makes you wait 5 seconds before being able to click on Skip and keep on browsing the site.

    Personally, I use adfly's popup script on this humor blog I have. The blog has 50 posts, and I haven't touched it in almost a year. It makes me around 5 cents per month. I know it's pathetic, but it's completely passive and it's 5 cents I didn't have before. I'm sure that when I decide to keep posting on that site and promoting it the amount will be higher.

    On another site I have where I review PTC sites, and I shrink all of my banners and in-post referral links with adfly, I also make some 5 cents there per month as well. And that's also completely passive, as I haven't done any posting or promotion on that website in over 6 months.

    My question is, has anyone had any success with using Adfly to monetize their site?

    Also, for those that may want to try this site, there's no approval in order to use it. You just register, get your script, and monetize your site. And there are just a very few rules, like you can't use it on adult-type sites for example. It's pretty flexible...

  2. Rainman New Member


    I've not use adf.ly to monetize my site but as a netizen I find their links to be very annoying. Unless a site has the sort of content [for example free downloads] which will force someone to complete a survey for example [I've been asked to complete surveys more than once when I click on adf.ly links] then the web visitor won't hang around for long.

    So since most people won't complete the surveys or view an ad for more than 2 seconds, I believe that adf.ly as a monetization method would earn you very little and alienate your site visitors in the long run.

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  3. Billy New Member


    I personally don't think that it's worth the time, plus it can really annoy some people. I think that it can be good for guys who are doing things like PPI and PPD, because the visitor is already desperate enough, you can probably earn a few more pennies from them.

  4. toradrake Member


    Eg... GODS.... NO! When I run into a site that does that to me I leave and don't go back. Those are annoying. I would never do that to my customers. Even when I come to a site that just has a "join our newsletter" come up that you have to click out of... I hate forced stuff. If you want, put it to the side and if I want I will view it, but do not force me to have to look at it just to get into your site.

  5. jblogger New Member


    I tried using adf.ly once but the truth is I hate those kind of links so much that I just couldn't put them in my site.

    My suggestion is that if you ever decide to make use of those links be sure to only use them when you offer a download. If you try to use them for your own internal links be ready to say goodbye to your audience. I've seen sites that use them for every link they have and it's just annoying as hell.

  6. SimplySidy Member


    Adfly or its likes are banned by many ISPs here in India. I have used two providers and it was banned on one from day one and the other banned it after a few months.

    So my first thoughts are (from my personal experience) - if I can be prevented, many others might be, too. So if I use them(adfly) for my links, it will neither help me with making money not will it add to any value to my site/links - instead, it will turn off the few visitors that could have reached the link.

    The worst browsing experience and a turnoff is - finding a blank white page staring at you with nothing on it.

    The second thought (again from my experience) is - at times, they lead to interim pages that have malware and/or unhealthy stuff (these were the reasons why my other ISP blocked them after a while) - which is scary.

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  7. Billy New Member


    How about the newsletters where you cannot find the x to close it? I came across one of those yesterday, and I didn't know what to do because I was actually interested in the article. I think my brain almost blew up because part of me wanted to stay, but another part of me hates that, and was ready to close the entire page, or at least hit the back button to go back to Google.

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  8. Scorp Member


    Yes, they are annoying. Generally the advice is to convert the adfly link with another link shortener like bitly or tinyurl etc, because most people know and avoid clicking adfly ads. But if you convert it to something else then the chances of them clicking it increase, and then, since a person already clicked a link and then it turned out to be an adfly link, they may say f**k it and end up skipping it.

    And the thing about surveys, you're talking about Paid Per Download. Yeah, some people advise those that use PPD to also use adfly to increase their earnings. Because if a user clicks to get whatever it is they're supposed to get, and they get the adfly thing, they will probably not care and wait the 5 seconds. But then when they land on a survey, most people will click away. But at least you made something from the adfly click you got.

    But you're right, it would definitely alienate your visitors. However, recently I was looking for some login - username and password - information for some of those downloading sites, because I wanted to download something that required me to have a Premium account. And I googled for it. The only normal-looking site I came across had Linkbucks ads for clicking on links trying to find a working username and password. I was so annoyed at this point because I couldn't find what I needed anywhere, so I didn't care clicking the links.

    My point is, I believe that there are a few niches/types of places where you can use and make bank. And the biggest one is giving people free stuff, especially if the stuff you're giving can't be found elsewhere/easily/for free...

  9. Scorp Member


    I am Completely against that.

    What gives an ISP the right to do that? I would never use an ISP that restricts anything (unless I didn't have a choice).

    I mean, they can restrict some things, like child po***graphie, terrorist stuff, serious things like that. But to restrict Adfly, what gives them the right?

    Again, if I didn't have a choice, then I'm choice-less and there's nothing I can do about it. But if I did have a choice, I would never, ever use an ISP that restricts my freedom. EVER!!!

    I've heard that before, about Adfly ads having viruses and malicious stuff in them. I can't really say if they do or not, but for the most part, if you don't actually click on anything on that malicious site, you shouldn't have any problems; generally speaking.

    Oh yeah, I absolutely hate that.

    But one of the things that can sometimes be done is to right-click and Inspect Element, and then simply select that Popup box/element and start removing CSS from it, eventually you'll get rid of it, although the page behind it may be darker or something and not pleasing on the eye or/and readable.

    Since we're talking about annoying things, another one I Hate is when a page loads, and a Video or Audio plays Automatically! My God, that's the worse! Especially if you open like 10+ tabs at the same time, and suddenly sound just starts banging, and you have no idea where it's coming from. The people who do that need their heads examined. haha

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  10. Billy New Member


    I totally agree. I think this is one of the fastest ways to screw your bounce rate. I personally hate it when I click on a site and some audio starts playing, even if it's some nice music. I've been in more than a few conversations where people have talked about adding this to their site, and I've always had the opinion that more will hate it than like it, so you're better off not doing it.

  11. SimplySidy Member


    I wished things were competitive here. At my location, we only have two ISPs and a third one is coming up. Out of the two, one is a Government Organization - and they have restricted access to most of the sites where one could find pirated downloads. pages with malicious links etc. Though they have not made any public statement or release, these links would simply not open. No message or anything - just the blank page - to keep you guessing if it was your system or anything else. Once you have been using them for weeks you realize that there is nothing wrong with your system, but these links are just black-listed. (I verified a few using Proxies and IP Changers and they worked fine).

    The other one that I used, initially, used to inject its own adverts silently into any webpage - so that they could make USDs on clicks from their users on these adverts. They got into legal issues because of this and then they started limiting what we could see - they banned/blacklisted all these adfly, bitly etc - and many professionals migrated to the Government Provider (me included).

    We have other providers on DataCards, but they do not provide attractive speeds and if one tries to go with those high speed stuffs, they are prohibitively expensive. Good for small/limited bandwidth users, but not for people who spend most of their day online.

  12. PandaDZN New Member


    I do Adf.ly legitimately. Sharing links and what not. It's been like a year and I've hit $3.2. By the end of the year, we'll see if I 'll be able to cash it out or if it is just a massive scam.


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