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2015 Reviews / Criteria

Discussion in 'Web Directory Reviews Org' started by wdr, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. wdr Member


    2015 Review Plan

    I am getting tired of reviewing the same directories over and over again, since they don't change that much, so I am thinking of reviewing general directories only in the second and fourth quarters of 2015, and doing some niche reviews during the first and third quarters. If I decided that I can manage it, I might continue the niche reviews each quarter, and add the general reviews during the second and fourth quarters.

    If I decide to to so, I will have to come up with different review criteria since it's harder to make comparisons between niche directories. Any comments or suggestions you might have will be welcomed.

    Review Criteria

    For my general reviews (and niche reviews as well, I'd imagine), it was suggested that I include a speed test, rating a directory on how quickly it loads. I need to find a tool or a way that I can evaluate each directory on this fairly.

    Plus, every other criteria item is open to suggestion between quarters. The current criteria can be found here, as a point of reference.

  2. Ray Active Member


    I think its great that you'd continue reviewing niche directories, they deserve as much attention as general directories.

    A niche directory is more difficult to create, in the sense that, it only covers a particular industry.

    I know this may sound absurd to some people not in the directory business but, think about it; If I wanted to create a new, out-of-the-box general directory, all I need to do is purchase one of the possibly 100's of listing databases floating around the Internet, and import it into my directory script, and I'd now have an instant general directory, with 1000, 10,000, or even a million listings overnight.

    Now, lets say that I wanted to build a niche directory about tattoo parlors, and I want use that same database I've purchased for my general directory. the first thing I would have to do is, search through it to find all the relevant listings for my new Tattoo Parlor Directory. After an extensive search, all I may be able to find is maybe a few 100's, at best.

    Now, that's a good start, I can use these as "seed listings", so its not a total lost but, that is not much when you compare it to my other, newly created general directory. It would take me many many months, even years to build my niche directory to a size compatible with the smallest general directory out there.

    This brings me to my next comment:
    For the same reason I stated above, I think that the "SIZE" criteria, as described in the Web Directory Reviews site, should not apply to niche directories.
    Lets face it, some niches (industries) are composed of only a few hundred businesses, and not all businesses have a web presence. Therefore niche directories are inherently smaller.

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  3. wdr Member


    Okay, while I may do some slight tweaking, as I usually do before quarters, I am pretty happy with the criteria that I use to review larger general web directories.

    However, niche directories are another thing, yet I need to decide on something and get on with it, since January is half over already. As has been mentioned, I cannot assess size in the way that I do general directories unless it were to compare directories within the same niche and, to be honest, I don't want to do so much calculation. So far, what I am thinking of is...

    Aesthetics -- the general look and feel of the directory, much as I am currently doing with general directories.
    Intuitiveness -- evaluates the taxonomy of the directory, the effectiveness of its search functions, and the ease in which someone might be able to find something. How are sites sorted within a category? This would also be similar to my criteria for general directories but I am not necessarily so concerned with the use of @links or above-and-below-the-line capabilities, since niche directories won't be so large as to require such; still, the existence of extra features that aid in finding things would be noted as a plus.
    Quality -- looking for such things as errors in navigation, spelling, and grammar, as well as the types of sites that are listed, promotional language used in descriptions, etc. Also, much like my current criteria for general directories. Empty categories will be considered a quality problem only if categories don't contain anything useful other than links. In other words, if a category includes unique textual content about the topic of the category, it is not really empty even if it doesn't have any outgoing links any more than an informational page on a website would be empty.
    Usefulness -- Without looking at actual number counts, are there enough good sites listed for the directory to be useful? Does it serve any purposes other than as a repository for outgoing links? This might include the inclusion of extraneous textual content or additional information about listed sites or categories.
    Responsiveness -- I still need an effective way to evaluate the responsiveness of a directory. I could evaluate them all on the basis of how well they render on my smart phone, or I could simply resize the screen. I could use an emulator but my understanding is that the emulators aren't necessarily accurate.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated. Once I get used to doing things one way, as in the way that I have been evaluating directories for two years now, it's hard to change that, so I could use any suggestions you might have.

    What I am thinking of doing is reviewing general directories only in the 2nd and 4th quarters of 2015, but reviewing niche directories each quarter this year.

    BTW, I have changed the design of the Web Directory Reviews Org site. It's nothing fancy but it's cleaner, I think.


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